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5 Reasons Why You Need Prodly in Manufacturing

Shanon Moerland

July 20, 2023

Rapid innovation is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry—driving the need for speed, efficiency, and agility. Prodly is the market-leading ALM solution that accelerates your Manufacturing Cloud change management process and helps you gain an edge over the competition.

Check out these five reasons why you need Prodly for your manufacturing company.

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1. Improved Competitive Positioning

New technological developments are constantly changing how you manufacture products and manage your sales operations. The faster you can adapt to shifting market dynamics, the more competitive you can be. 

Prodly supercharges your application lifecycle management (ALM) process. You can deploy changes in a fraction of the time it takes with legacy solutions. And with dynamic features like instant sandbox seeding, 1-click scratch orgs, source control for data, and org syncing for data and metadata, you can shave days off the release process.

Get changes into your sales team’s hand faster, leapfrog the competition—and fast-track your path to business growth.

2. Strengthened Regulatory Compliance

In today’s regulatory environment, dealing with data protection laws like CCPA and GDPR is the norm, not the exception. Likewise, for publicly-traded companies, SOX compliance isn’t just optional—it’s a necessity. Without robust compliance measures in place, you’re risking penalties and potential damage to your brand reputation. 

Prodly makes it easy to bridge the compliance gap. It provides automated change tracking, 24/7 environment monitoring, and streamlined audit report generation… so maintaining a transparent audit trail becomes effortless.

Automate your compliance process, track every change, and never lose sleep over an audit again.

3. Cost Reduction

In today’s business landscape, every manufacturer is driven by one common goal: cutting costs. But how can you achieve this without compromising on quality or efficiency? 

It’s simple: with Prodly.

Prodly’s automation elevates Salesforce ALM to a whole new level of efficiency. Its power to slash deployment times by up to 80% is more than a number. It’s a game-changer. 

Think about it: When your Salesforce team isn’t bogged down with repetitive manual tasks, you can get far more done with fewer resources. The result? A dramatic decrease in operational costs. 

But Prodly doesn’t just allow you to maintain productivity. It lets you ramp it up because your team has more time to focus on strategic initiatives that fuel your growth. Better resource allocation becomes a byproduct, not an aspiration. 

Reduce costs, streamline operations, and watch your bottom line soar.

4. Increased Uptime

Your Salesforce team needs to match the speed of business. That means deploying changes quickly and safely—without the fear of disrupting operations with downtime. 

With Prodly, your business never misses a beat. Our seamless integrations for version control systems guarantee you an always-ready rollback option. Bugs happen—but now you’ve got a safety net.

Plus, our sandbox management capabilities let you sync your data and metadata in real time, no refreshes required. This means your entire team can work with fresh environments without ever missing a step.

Say goodbye to stress and frustration. With Prodly, you can take control, maximize uptime, and keep your business engine revving.

5. Improved Customer Experience

It’s critical for your Salesforce instance to function as a well-oiled, error-free machine that delivers an exceptional customer experience. And Prodly’s features are just the tools for the job. 

With smoother Salesforce operations, system glitches are a thing of the past, and you can respond more quickly to your customer’s needs. Plus, it’s easier to fine-tune your sales and service processes—not to mention proactively implement new, more efficient ways of interacting with customers. The outcome? Skyrocketing customer satisfaction and loyalty levels. 

With Prodly, you can minimize operational issues—and transform your CRM into a powerful driving force for your business.

Increase Velocity and Agility With Prodly

In a world where manufacturing is constantly being transformed by technological innovation, Prodly streamlines your Salesforce ALM process and helps you secure a competitive edge. It doesn’t just empower you to leave the competition in the dust—it does so while ensuring compliance, trimming costs, optimizing your CRM, and elevating the customer experience. 

Prodly is more than a Salesforce ALM solution. It’s a catalyst for accelerated growth and improved business outcomes.


What strategies can I implement to ensure I remain competitive in the rapidly evolving manufacturing industry?

You can embrace digital transformation to improve productivity and efficiency, as well as advanced technologies such as AI, IoT, and automation to enhance operational processes. You should also prioritize flexibility and adaptability, which allow you to respond quickly to changing market conditions.

What are some best practices for optimizing Salesforce ALM?

To begin with, you should set up a transparent change management process that allows you to prioritize changes according to business needs. In addition, you should test these changes exhaustively in a sandbox before deploying them to production. Learn about best practices for Salesforce ALM.

How do I maintain regulatory compliance in an ever-changing manufacturing landscape?

You can maintain regulatory compliance by investing in training to keep your team up to date on the latest rules and regulations. You should also perform regular audits to identify any gaps in compliance. Finally, it’s advisable to use compliance automation.


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