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5 tips for saving money on Salesforce sandboxes

Sean Crowley

Chief Revenue Officer

March 23, 2023

How to Save Money on Salesforce Sandboxes!

Salesforce sandbox pricing can be expensive, but there are ways to save on it. And that’s with a robust Salesforce sandbox management tool like Prodly.

In this blog, we discuss five ways you can drastically reduce your spend on Full Copy, Partial Copy, and Developer Pro sandboxes by using Prodly.

Save on Salesforce Sandbox Pricing With Prodly Sandbox Management

Save money on Salesforce sandbox pricing represented by a VR image of a businessman and the words "cost control"

Prodly Sandbox Management helps you save money on Salesforce sandbox pricing in the following five ways:

  1. Stop buying Full Copy, Partial Copy, and Dev Pro sandboxes to get development environments that look like production. You don’t have to spend five, 20, or 30 percent of your net spend on development orgs. With Prodly Sandbox Management, you can instantly replicate the exact part of prod required for development in lower-level orgs. Maximize every free developer and scratch org at your disposal by populating them with precisely the metadata and data you need. 
  2. Stop wasting time and money on non-development work. You don’t have to exhaust developer productivity on environment builds when you can’t afford Salesforce sandbox pricing for Full Copy, Partial Copy, or Dev Pro orgs. Nor do you have to spend hours generating data or deploying data and metadata between orgs to sync them. With Prodly Sandbox Management, you can use sandbox seeding to automatically create scratch orgs with instant data replication. Even better: You can do this in just a few clicks. Plus, you can effortlessly deploy data, metadata, and even complex data models between orgs. This gives you more time to focus on higher value work—and on getting that work done faster.
  3. Avoid issues late in the development process when they’re the most expensive to address. Eighty-five percent of bugs are introduced during development. And if you don’t catch them until later in the pipeline, they can end up costing 30 times more time and money to fix. Use Prodly Sandbox Management to replicate parts of your production org early in the development process. This results in fewer costly problems later on in the pipeline.
  4. Avoid potential loss of revenue resulting from downtime and errors. Don’t be limited by Salesforce sandbox refresh constraints that impact the quality of the data in your environments! Use Prodly to automatically sync orgs as often as you like to ensure consistency throughout your release pipeline—even on a schedule. This results in higher-quality changes, which minimizes bugs and downtime that can impact your end users.
  5. Avoid loss of productivity during sandbox refreshes. Salesforce sandbox refreshes can take a long time—and during this time, you can’t do any work in the org. Prodly Sandbox Management lets you effortlessly and quickly sync all your environments without having to do a refresh—so you can keep moving forward. And when refreshes are unavoidable, rest assured Prodly can help you lift and shift to another org—without missing a beat. 

Clearly, with Prodly environment management, you can minimize your spend on Salesforce sandbox subscriptions. You can also eliminate spend on activities that don’t add value and reduce the impact of bugs on the development process.

On top of that, you can maximize the uptime of your production org and keep your development team productive at all times. This  accelerates the delivery of new features—and empowers your end users.

So why waste your valuable budget on Salesforce sandbox pricing when you can save money with Prodly Sandbox Management?


How much does a Full sandbox cost in Salesforce?

A Full Copy sandbox costs 30 percent of your net spend on your Salesforce license. For this money, you get a complete replica of your production org with all the customer data and metadata. 

Note that a Full sandbox is only an accurate copy for a very short period of time. As soon as any activity takes place in your production environment, the sandbox isn’t the exact same anymore. 

You can only bring it into a true duplicate state by refreshing it. However, you can only refresh a sandbox once every 29 days at most. That means the value of your Full Copy sandbox degrades gradually over the course of time until you refresh it. Then the same process starts over again.

Why do Salesforce sandboxes cost so much?

Sandbox prices in Salesforce can be steep. Of course, the value of Full sandboxes, as well as Partial sandboxes, lies in the fact that they provide you with an initially exact copy of all or part of your production org. 

Working in an environment that looks like prod is critical to the quality of your changes and the speed of your release management process. For this reason, companies are willing to pay a premium for these types of sandboxes. 

However, in the earlier stages of development, you don’t really need to replicate all of prod—just the sections required to perform the work you’re doing. That’s why Prodly offers sandbox management as an alternative to Full Copy, Partial Copy, and Developer Pro sandboxes. 

This option is much more affordable than dealing with Salesforce pricing. In addition, when used in conjunction with a solid sandbox management strategy, it enhances the velocity and quality of your change management process. Learn more about sandbox management.


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