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8 Reasons Why You Need Prodly in Fintech

Shanon Moerland

July 29, 2023

Supercharge Your Salesforce ALM to Enjoy These Business Benefits!

Innovation, business expansion, and risk reduction are critical in the fintech industry. So when it comes to making changes to your CRM, you need a reliable and compliant tool that lets you move quickly. Prodly’s automation accelerates and bulletproofs the Salesforce application lifecycle process—and that offers significant business benefits. Here are eight reasons why you need Prodly for your Fintech company.

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1. Respond Faster to Market Demands

In the fiercely competitive fintech landscape, agility is key to getting ahead of the competition. 

Prodly’s lightning-fast data migration, org syncing, sandbox seeding, 1-click scratch org setup and automated regression testing shift your application lifecycle management into high gear. You can get changes and new features into your end users’ hands in a fraction of the time—and, as a result, empower your sales team. 

Move faster, respond immediately to market demands—and place your business in pole position in the fintech race.

2. Innovate, Expand, and Stand Out

Innovation is the name of the game in fintech. For example, if you’re on the cutting edge of developments, you’re probably looking to leverage AI and/or open banking to deliver new products and services. But you still need to add all those new products to your CRM.

Getting new SKUs into Salesforce CPQ? Creating new territories in Enterprise Territory Management? Prodly reduces deployment times by 80%. Just imagine how much faster you can get new offerings to market!

Accelerate your Salesforce ALM, delight your customers, and outpace the competition.

3. Discover Effortless Compliance

The strict regulations and industry standards in the fintech realm can make the Salesforce ALM process feel like walking through a minefield. Depending on your business and your location, you might be subject to data protection requirements like CCPA, GLBA, PCI DSS, SOC-II, GDPR, or PIPEDA. On top of that, if you’re a public company, you’re also required to comply with SOX regulations.

Prodly makes complying with data protection, data privacy, and internal controls requirements in Salesforce ALM a breeze. Strengthen your compliance posture with state-of-the-art data anonymization features, automated change tracking and documentation, round-the-clock environment monitoring, and streamlined audit report generation.

Effortlessly protect sensitive data, quickly provide proof of internal controls, and show your customers and investors how committed you are to them.

4. Ensure Business Continuity

In today’s always-on digital world, every second of downtime can mean a missed opportunity. And especially in the fintech industry, where customer trust is key, the value of uptime simply cannot be overstated. 

Prodly ensures your CRM stays up and running—no matter what. Our version control for data acts like a safety net for data-powered apps like Salesforce CPQ. If a change doesn’t work, just roll the code back to the previous version so you can keep doing business as usual. In addition, you can schedule releases so they occur after business hours, so there’s no disruption.

Moreover, our sandbox management solution lets you sync all your environments whenever you want to. That means you don’t have to wait for refreshes anymore. Plus, with everyone working with the most recent version of the code, you get fewer bugs in the pipeline.

Keep your Salesforce instance running, your business users busy—and your customers happy at all times.

5. Scale Seamlessly

As a thriving fintech firm, your customer base isn’t just growing—it’s exploding. Unfortunately, as you grow, managing your Salesforce instance can become a Herculean task.

But what if you could streamline it all? Prodly’s purpose-built automation allows you to scale as you grow. Easily manage the complexity that comes with rapid expansion—without worrying about the integrity of your systems and data. 

Easily scale your system, expand without any growing pains—and propel your business forward.

6. Keep Pace With Changing Customer Expectations

Customer expectations are a moving target. So when customers expect new products or want a new type of channel for customer service, you have to be able to deliver—right now.

Prodly’s automation for Salesforce ALM allows you to quickly and smoothly adjust to new trends and demands. With instant sandbox seeding, on-demand org syncing, robust version control, and expedited data migration, you can complete deployments in a fraction of the time and give your business users the features they need—when they need them.

Pivot on a dime, stay on top of trends, and always hit the bull’s eye when it comes to customer satisfaction. 

7. Boost Your Bottom Line

Imagine Salesforce application lifecycle management where repetitive manual tasks are a thing of the past, efficiency is the norm, and you’re slashing costs. 

That’s the Prodly effect. From reducing errors to faster delivery times and better resource allocation, everything Prodly does is designed to boost your bottom line. 

Streamline your ALM process, increase productivity—and drive value at every stage of your operation.

8. Attract Top Talent

In the fintech industry, top talent isn’t just an asset—it’s a necessity. But without automation, the Salesforce platform requires a lot of tedious, repetitive manual labor. So if you’re looking to attract top talent, you need to offer something better. 

According to a Salesforce survey, using automation in the workplace resulted in 89% of employees being more satisfied with their job and 84% more satisfied with their company. 

This is where Prodly’s low-code-no-code automation comes in. It’s powerful enough for developers—yet user-friendly enough for admins. 

The result? Admins can unburden developers without having to drudge through manual, error-prone data migration and test data creation for hours on end. And developers have more time to push boundaries and innovate. This fosters a more stimulating, productive work environment that attracts—and retains—the best and the brightest. 

Eliminate manual labor, enhance employee satisfaction… and watch productivity and innovation skyrocket!

Advance Your Fintech Company With Prodly

The fintech industry is fast-paced and competitive. And deploying changes or new features into production shouldn’t be the bottleneck that hinders your growth. Prodly gives you the ability to respond swiftly to shifting market demands, innovate faster, and always remain in compliance. You can ensure business continuity, attract the brightest talent, and stay on top of ever-changing customer expectations—all while scaling seamlessly and bolstering your bottom line.


How does automation in Salesforce ALM reduce costs? 

Automation streamlines processes and reduces manual tasks. This eliminates inefficiencies and minimizes the occurrence of errors, which leads to a tangible reduction in operational costs.

What is regression testing? 

Regression testing is a type of testing that ensures a previously developed and tested application still performs the same way after you’ve changed it or integrated it with a new application.

Why is enhanced agility important for fintech companies? 

In the fast-paced fintech industry, it’s critical to be able to adapt quickly to market changes and customer expectations. The more agile you are, the faster you can innovate and respond to new opportunities—and the more competitive you become. 


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