Automate the full lifecycle of low-code application development.

Remove the bottlenecks in application development, so administrators and other non-technical users can configure, test, and release apps faster, more reliability, and with less interruption to users. Our AppOps platform automates the entire development lifecycle for low-code applications giving administrators easy to use tools for change management, version control, regression testing, and reference data deployment.

Product Overview

AppOps Release

Continuously deliver app innovation

Speed through release management by automating tedious reference data deployments between Salesforce orgs. Our templates make managing even the most complex, relational data sets a breeze. So you can deploy faster than you can say change set.

» Fast track releases

AppOps Test

Catch issues before they become a problem

Sometimes small changes have unexpected consequences. Not to worry; we’ve got you covered with automated regression testing. Find and fix bugs—before they’re introduced in production. Keep your apps running smoothly and roll out new features with certainty.

» Ensure app quality

See Prodly AppOps in action

Sometimes seeing is believing, and for those occasions we made a demo. Let one of our experts show you how easy it can be to configure, test, and release apps.

Stay on top of market shifts.

Staying competitive means having the business agility to recognize and respond to change. Not to worry, we’re here to help. Explore solutions to rapidly iterate business processes while keeping users productive and preserving change management.

Prodly fuels our CI/CD strategy!

When reference data is the life of your development, yet you want to commit code and metadata daily, how do you automate the finicky reference data? One answer, Prodly! Not only can we continue to deploy on a sprint by sprint basis, but the app intelligently handles ID matching, so upserts can happen on any environment in your release path. The cost benefit analysis is extremely positive, versus wasting developer hours on manual data matching and loading.

—Mike Marsh Product Development Manager, Johnson & Johnson


Maximizing Your Salesforce CPQ Investment

Successful adoption & rapid ROI depend on a well crafted deployment and maintenance plan.

Introducing AppOps Test

Tired of CPQ breaking after Salesforce’s automatic upgrades or a seemingly unrelated change?

Automate Release Management for Low-code Apps

Every day, Salesforce admins are managing more and more low-code applications.