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AppOps Summer ’21 Release Highlights

Hayley Coxon

VP of Marketing

August 25, 2021

While we may be headed to cooler temperatures, with our Summer ’21 Release, AppOps is just heating up.  This release comes packed with enhancements to metadata deployments, a whole new way to seed sandboxes, and a lot more. Here’s what you need to know about our new capabilities:

Seed Sandboxes Faster than Ever

Our new Seed Sandbox wizard makes it faster than ever to seed sandboxes with representative test data. Simply select your root object, related objects, and whether AppOps Release should deactivate all events to deploy.

Deploy Flows, Process Builders, and Even More

Customers looking for an easier alternative to change sets will be please to find the list of supported metadata types is growing. In addition to other common declarative changes (Page Layouts, Permission Sets, Custom Objects, etc.) Prodly now supports Flows, Process Builder, Record Types, Emails, Groups, Folders, Global Value Sets, and Standard Value Sets. See the full list of deployable metadata types on our help site.

Validate Metadata Deployments

When we introduced the ability to deploy metadata,  we ran validation at the point of deployment. Now, customers can choose to preview the validation results like they can with change sets by choosing default, local, or all tests.  You can also specify what test option you want to run during a deployment.

Salesforce Metadata Validate Test Options

Reuse Metadata Deployments

Starting over when a change set fails validation or you need to move changes up the release pipeline can be frustrating. That’s why we’re introducing the ability to edit and rerun metadata deployments with AppOps Release. No need to worry about missing a component, AppOps Release will automatically remember your previous selections.

Do More with DX

For developers who prefer the command line, our AppOps DX Plugin now empowers you to manage your orgs, run deployments, and check in/out data deployments to your VCS. You can even choose to deactivate all events or set a query at the time of deployment, all without leaving the CLI.

For the full review of every new feature, check out the replay of our Summer ’21 Release Webinar.