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The Prodly brand: A story of agility

Hayley Coxon

VP of Marketing

May 21, 2020

From my first day at Prodly I’ve experienced the passion our employees have for solving big problems for customers. Helping low-code admins become more agile is no small feat, especially as admins and IT teams are under more pressure than ever to deliver speed and governance –two objectives that are not typically copacetic.

As I met more and more people across departments, it was clear our brand didn’t accurately reflect the experience of working with Prodly. For a company whose mission is delivering agility and whose internal values are rooted in transparency, helpfulness, dependability, and inclusivity, the identity we were projecting externally didn’t match up.

So today we’re introducing a new brand that showcases the real us. A group of people committed to bringing change management and governance best practices to the wild west frontier of low-code apps. We call it application operations, or AppOps for short.

I’ll leave you with a few before and afters, and I hope you stick around to explore more.