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Building Customer Connections at London World Tour

Maddie Mosley

Content writer at Prodly

July 7, 2023

One thing’s for sure: Prodly wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to attend Salesforce World Tour London for the first time! Our team came ready to make new customer connections and chat about all things ALM, DevOps, sandbox seeding, and more.

Prodly team building customer connections at London World Tour.

Fostering Growth at London World Tour

Helping our customers enhance their Salesforce instances and supporting our partners are our main priorities. We value these relationships, and we continuously do what we can to enhance them. When we go to events like Salesforce World Tour, we’re always excited to hear our customers’ feedback and needs—because we value their input in everything we do.

Salesforce World Tour is a hotspot for businesses facing challenges and looking for new opportunities. More than anything, it drives innovation and growth. Salesforce does this by showing how Trailblazers across the globe are using tech. For this reason, we were honored to receive an invite to this year’s London event.

When our Prodly team showed up, everything was set up for us. All we had to do was simply focus on strengthening customer connections and showcasing our brand to potential partners. Meeting connections in EMEA like Gin Matharu, Alliances and Partner Development, who’s known our CEO Max Rudman since his SteelBrick days, made the experience that much more special.

We were thrilled to learn about all the new things happening in the industry and see familiar faces. One of the highlights was connecting with Julia Valentine, Head of Marketing at BrightGen, an award-winning Salesforce consulting partner that helps organizations support the evolving needs of their customers, stakeholders, and service users. Meeting with Julia was a real pleasure—and it gave us the opportunity to discuss co-marketing opportunities to further help our customers. 

Shanon Moerland, Prodly’s demand generation coordinator, attended London World Tour this year. She was excited to share all the innovative things we do as a company, as well as what excites her most about Prodly and these events in the future.  

“We’ve committed to our new roadmap, and we’re releasing two awesome new products before the fall. Our customers are going to love them. Now we’re on this path, there’s so much room for growth—and that makes it really exciting.” 

Speaking of growth, attendees were excited to learn that Salesforce will be rolling out generative AI capabilities onto the platform and investing $4 billion into the UK business over the next 5 years. The vision is that infusing generative AI throughout the platform will help end users, admins, and developers be more productive.

Leaving a Lasting Impression

It’s no surprise that business owners want to lead whatever industries they’re in and become more data driven in customer feedback, sales, and marketing. When peers and experts from across the globe gather for World Tour events, it’s an opportunity for non-competitive collaboration and a shift in global perspectives. 

A diverse range of attendees, partners and customers can see how others are using the platform to their advantage.

New and returning guests to Salesforce World Tour can learn about how to gamify their digital transformation, apply strategies that name-brand firms employ, and benchmark their performance against their peers. They’ll also have the opportunity to explore their top-priority technologies in depth, as well as how the Salesforce customer success ecosystem works.

Creating Unforgettable Customer Connections at London World Tour

The magic of this year’s World Tour event in London definitely left a lasting impression on our prodigies in attendance—and they can’t wait to do it all again. Who wouldn’t want to make a global impact with their team, build partner and customer connections, and travel to London to meet peers and experts from all over the world?!


Are there other events similar to Salesforce World Tour that I can still attend?

Salesforce World Tour is just one of many industry events that you can consider attending. Other events range from local meetups and webinars to international conferences. Each type of event provides unique opportunities for networking, learning, and collaboration.


What if I can’t attend any of the upcoming events? Is there still a way I can watch or participate?

For Salesforce’s biggest events like World Tour and Dreamforce, they usually organize a live stream. After the events are over, you can also explore their highlights and dive into tons of on-demand content on the specific event websites.


How does attending these events benefit my company?

Attending industry events like Salesforce World Tour offers companies numerous benefits. You can stay up to date on the latest trends and technologies; network with peers, customers, partners, and experts; and showcare your solutions to a global audience. In addition, most of these events include a significant learning and collaboration aspect, which allows you to gain insights from the experiences of other business and industry leaders.


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