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Prodly: Customer Reviews That Will Make You Smile

Prodly Marketing

September 13, 2023

Prodly’s a Force to Be Reckoned With in the G2 Fall 2023 Reports!

Prodly’s High Performer badge for the G2 Fall 2023 Reports.

“Prodly effectively streamlines our Salesforce ALM and release management for our sandbox and production.”

 – Ramkumar N.

“Deployment is fun!!! CPQ deployments are easy as we can create all types of datasets with any kind of relationships.”

– Verified user

“Amazing experience with Prodly deployment tool. You can deploy related child data components together instead of sending them manually.”

– Pankaj K.

“Prodly is a very intuitive tool to migrate Salesforce CPQ record data.”

– Thirumalesh V.

You’ve spoken, and we’ve listened! Thanks to your fantastic customer reviews, we’re highlighted in 102 of the G2 Fall 2023 Reports. We’re so excited to announce that we earned an impressive 48 High Performer badges. This includes commendations in the Grid© Reports for DevOps Platforms, Cloud Migration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Integration. 

Customer Reviews Give Prodly High G2 Ratings

The last few months have been busy. More and more companies are waking up to the immense value Prodly delivers in automating the plan, test, deploy, and monitor stages of Salesforce ALM. For instance, when it comes to meeting DevOps requirements, our enterprise customers in the Americas give us satisfaction ratings that outrank those of several market leaders.

We also received sky-high approval scores for our features—like data migration, data variety, alerts, and logging— in the Cloud Migration Grid© Report. But what really makes us happy is the fact that we’re surpassing established players in terms of meeting customers’ requirements for continuous integration and continuous delivery solutions.

Prodly Shines With Ease of Setup, Short Go-Live Time, and Ease of Use

We believe setting up a Salesforce ALM solution shouldn’t feel like rocket science—and so do our customers. They’ve given us two thumbs-up for our easy setup. Plus, our go-live time is so short, you might miss it if you blink.

But that’s not all. Our UI is as clean as a whiteboard before a brainstorming session. Couple that with our no-code tools, and you’ve got a platform that’s as welcoming to admins as it is empowering to developers. Just think about it—automatic relationship mapping for Salesforce CPQ deployments, instant sandbox seeding, 1-click scratch org creation, easy SOX audit report generation… and much more. In short: Prodly is user friendly—yet nothing short of formidable.

User Reviews: The Voice of Our Customers

Enough about us; let’s talk about you. Ever wondered why customer reviews are so important? 

In the current market, there’s an overwhelming variety of choices when it comes to Salesforce ALM and DevOps platforms. What really cuts through all the noise? Honest feedback from real users.

The reviews from our customers don’t just rate our solutions—they also validate our trustworthiness and credibility. So check out our reviews on G2, and request a quick demo to see Prodly in action. It could be one of the best business decisions you make this year.

G2 Fall 2023 users love us badge


How can customer reviews help me when it comes to buying business applications?

Customer reviews can be helpful to learn more about a product or service before buying it. Real users’ experiences can provide more information about the pros and cons so you can make a more informed decision.

Where can I find customer reviews for business applications?

There are a couple of ways to look for customer reviews. You can go to the vendor’s website; look for reviews on third-party websites like G2 and TrustRadius; and ask friends, colleagues, and other people in your network for recommendations.

I’m reading some customer reviews of a product I’m thinking of buying. What should I look for?

First, note its overall rating—does it have three stars, four stars, or five stars? Then make sure to read both positive and negative reviews—the more detailed, the better. And be wary of reviews that are too positive or negative. These may not be authentic, which would mean they don’t represent the across-the-board experience of other customers.


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