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Data Seeding Maximizes Your Salesforce ROI

Hayley Coxon

VP of Marketing
Hayley Coxon is the Vice President of Marketing and Revenue Operations for Prodly and accidental admin since 2010. You can find her on LinkedIn.

May 18, 2022

Data seeding maximizes your Salesforce ROI. It’s an essential step in optimizing your release pipeline so you can promote changes quickly and efficiently.

Data Seeding Boosts Change Management in Salesforce

Prodly’s automated sandbox management solution allows you to prepare sandboxes for development quickly and efficiently. Instead of allocating the task to your most experienced resources or technical team members, admins can seed orgs with data—in just a few clicks. 

That means you save 100s of hours on migrating data into lower-level orgs at the beginning of a project. And you can use that time—and those resources—for higher value work.

With data seeding, which is also referred to as sandbox seeding, your whole team can get started on your new Salesforce project faster—and experience fewer surprises. That means you can avoid many of the bottlenecks of a traditional release process, ramp up your change management, and empower your admins and users.

When you can accelerate change management in Salesforce, you can release changes to your users faster. That in turn helps them with their business processes—effectively propelling your organization forward.

Data seeding in Salesforce

Prodly Sandbox Management Makes Salesforce Data Seeding Easy

But wait! Isn’t data seeding a labor-intensive, time-consuming process of CSVs, Vlookups, Data Loader, change sets, do overs, and headaches?

Not with Prodly Sandbox Management! Our Sandbox Seeding wizard lets you populate up to five orgs from one source environment—with just one click.

We even provide pre-built data seed templates that let you move an entire subsection of your org schema in one go. And they do that while maintaining all your parent-child relationships and lookups.

If you don’t want to use a template, you can select an Object and its related Objects to seed to your sandbox on the fly. Prodly automatically sequences each object for you. You can also add filters to your selection to seed the exact records you want. Prodly saves your selection as a new template so you can use it again in the future.

When you fire the deployment, Prodly tracks the records as they move between environments. It knows when to do an update or insert—so you never have to deal with duplicates again. You can even drill down into the individual records to see exactly what’s being moved.

Watch This Data Seeding Video!

Watch this fun video “Obtain Greater Salesforce ROI Through Sandbox Seeding” to see how data seeding maximizes your ROI.

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