The Essential Guide to Salesforce ALM


The Essential Guide to Salesforce ALM

Why you need to prioritize your Application Lifecycle Management to optimize your productivity and mitigate risk.

Salesforce Application Lifecycle Management is the process of  managing your Salesforce development projects efficiently while mitigating risk. Whether you know it or not, if you are making updates in Salesforce, you are doing some form of Salesforce ALM!

It’s crucial to understand this process to make sure that you are avoiding the following risks:

Missed Work: An optimized ALM strategy can increase productivity by 80%.

Process Breaks: A major development break can lead to days of downtime.

Federal Violations: Compliance failures can lead to up to a $1,000,000 fine.

Want to start your project faster—and build something that will work right away in production? Use automated workflows in Prodly AppOps to quickly and easily seed any environment with Vlocity test data. 

Selecting deployment data to seed to a sandbox with Prodly.

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