Regression Testing for Salesforce CPQ

CPQ Automated Upgrade Testing

Our automated testing solution keeps low-code apps working smoothly so you can iterate faster.

Say See Ya Later to Hotfixes and Firedrills

Manually testing Salesforce for regressions is no fun. Neither is playing an endless game of whack-a-mole to hotfix bugs. We think there’s a better way.

Prodly DevOps is the first-of-its-kind regression testing engine for Salesforce CPQ. Unlike click player testing, Prodly DevOps ensures reference data integrity, validates that CPQ calculations are correct, and provides early warning of regressions introduced by Salesforce’s automatic upgrades or unintentionally from a development workflow.

Release With Confidence.

Test Automation for Salesforce CPQ

Ensure Error-Free Quotes Stay That Way

Automatically test price rules are working, quote lines return the expected value, and net amounts and totals calculate properly.


Test Case Authoring

Create Reusable Test Cases In Minutes

Easily author test cases with clicks not code. Define objects, fields, and records to test directly in Salesforce. Quickly execute and re-run groups of test cases for full, continuous regression testing.

Test Case Reporting

Instant Pass-Fail Visibility

See progress, as well as passes and failures, in real time. Dig into failures with granular, record-level reporting to pinpoint and resolve issues fast.

API-Based Regression Testing

Test Complex Business Logic and Data Integrity

Prodly DevOps is the only regression testing solution that directly exercises the pricing engine of Salesforce CPQ. Reliably confirm that quote calculations return the expected results—no time consuming and tedious manual testing required!

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See Prodly DevOps in Action

Sometimes, seeing is believing—and for those occasions, we made a demo. Let one of our experts show you how easy it can be to build, test, and release apps.


Prodly Fuels Our CI/CD Strategy!

When reference data is the life of your development, yet you want to commit code and metadata daily, how do you automate the finicky reference data? One answer, Prodly! Not only can we continue to deploy on a sprint by sprint basis, but the app intelligently handles ID matching, so upserts can happen on any environment in your release path. The cost benefit analysis is extremely positive, versus wasting developer hours on manual data matching and loading.

Mike Marsh
Product Development Manager, Johnson and Johnson


Prodly Compliance Center

The gold standard for documenting SOX in Salesforce CPQ!