Modern Salesforce DevOps

Modern Salesforce DevOps

Automation Tools to Keep Your Release Pipeline Flowing

Develop on Salesforce like never before with automated release management, source control, sandbox seeding, and regression testing.

SOX compliance change tracking in Prodly.

DevOps Tools To Keep Salesforce Work on Track

Get Everyone Organized on the Release Train

Better collaboration starts when everyone is on the same page. Easily keep every org in your pipeline in sync with changing data and metadata. Even back merge releases to inflight orgs to make conflicts a thing of the past. 


Avoid “This Worked in Dev, but Not UAT!” Surprises.

Quickly provision Developer or Scratch Orgs with real production data.  Easily see metadata differences between orgs and selectively deploy changes to keep all orgs in your landscape in sync. When everyone has their own mini-version of production there’s fewer mistakes and false starts.

Deploy Faster & Smarter

Streamline release days by quickly filtering down to just the changes that matter. Use pre-built templates for recurring deployment needs. Deploy 12 times faster than change sets and a million times faster than Data Loader!

How It Works

Visualize Org Differences

Compare Any Two Orgs

AppOps’s Visual Org Compare shows you exactly what changed between any two Salesforce environments. Pinpoint every difference down to who made it, when, and the specific value differences. No more digging through messy XML files. 

Selecting deployment data to seed to a sandbox with Prodly.
Dynamic Releases

Pick and Choose Exactly What to Deploy

Quickly find and select only the metadata changes that you want to deploy. AppOps Release is your central command station for managing your team’s work across all of your environments. 

CI/CD for Point-and-Click

Automated Data Deployment

Automatically move new configuration data—or your entire data schema—in a few clicks. Gone are the days of CSV exports, VLOOKUPs, and remembering how to sequence data loads. 

Seed Sandboxes & Scratch Orgs

Seed Sandboxes & Scratch Orgs

Kickstart your team’s next sprint with environments that are ready and waiting with uniform test data. Seed data into up to 5 orgs simultaneously—all within in minutes. 

Easy Git Integration

Version Your Configuration Data

Version the records that control your app settings the same way you version your metadata. 

DX Ready

Work How & Where You Want

Manage environments and deployments directly from Salesforce CLI with our DX plugin. 

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Prodly Compliance Center

The gold standard for documenting SOX in Salesforce CPQ!