Salesforce Governance

Governance and Compliance

Salesforce Governance and Compliance

Discover Salesforce governance without the headaches. Effortlessly establish governance and achieve compliance. Prodly DevOps automatically creates an audit trail of every single change made to data and metadata—ensuring you can confidently handle any Salesforce audits.

How It Works

Compliance Reporting

Salesforce SOX Compliance Reports

Prodly DevOps generates a report listing all the changes made to an org, including who implemented the deployment and who made the changes to each row of deployed data. Auditors can filter the results  to see only the types of pricing changes that are relevant to their purposes. 

Automatic Change Tracking

Built-In SOX Compliance for Salesforce

Automatic change tracking provides 100 percent visibility. The Change Log in Prodly DevOps Governance shows what changes were made to data and metadata, including who made the changes, when they made them, and why. 

Access Control

Granular Access Control

Maintain complete control of your environments. Prodly DevOps Governance lets you determine who can deploy to which environment(s) so you can ensure the correct delegation of duties when promoting to production. 

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