Salesforce Release Management

Salesforce Release Management

The #1 Salesforce Release Management Tool

Streamline your Salesforce release process with the only release management tool to leverage the power of DevOps Center. Prodly DevOps accelerates your Salesforce release management process by 80 percent.

SOX compliance change tracking in Prodly.

Prebuilt Automations Eliminate the Heavy Lifting

Hit the ground running with Prodly DevOps’ prebuilt automations for common data deployment use cases.

Salesforce Clouds and Apps

Appexchange Apps

Release All of Your Salesforce Work in a Flash​

Clicks or code, we make it easy to deploy any kind of Salesforce work.

Simplify Salesforce Release Management​

 Understand with one glance what’s approved and quickly deploy the changes, whether they’re metadata components, configuration data, or both.  

CI/CD for Salesforce Deployments​

Move changes up and down the release pipeline in a fraction of the time you can with Data Loader and change sets. Significantly reduce deployment times while gaining greater control and agility.

Auditability and Compliance Built In

Know the who, what, where, and when of every change without having to manually keep track.

Lightning Fast Salesforce Deployments

Easy Metadata Deployments

Deploy 12x Faster Than Change Sets

Never waste time and resources building change sets again. Quickly pinpoint changes that are ready to deploy without ever having to track changes manually. 

Fully Automated Data Migration

Save 100s of Hours Migrating Data

Prodly DevOps leverages fully automated data deployments. Say goodbye to VLOOKUPS and split screening configuration changes for good.

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Visual Diff Viewer

Salesforce Org Comparison

See exactly what components changed, as well as who changed them and when. No XML knowledge required.

Keep Every Org in Sync

Deploy in Any Direction

Keep every org in sync with multi-directional  deployments. Deploy metadata and data between any two environments in any direction: forward, back, or parallel. Even deploy between two unrelated Salesforce orgs or from one production org to another.

Easy Git Integration

The Only Source Control for Metadata and Data

Level up your governance and release process for configuration data with version control. Easy Git integration lets you develop in parallel, resolve conflicts easily, and roll back quickly if needed.

Cross Org Record ID Mapping

Effortlessly Migrate Complex Relational Data

Release data changes with just four clicks, even for the most complex data schemas like Salesforce CPQ. Automatically track records and relationships across orgs. Cross org record ID mapping resolves duplicates for you.

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The Ultimate Guide to Salesforce Release Management

We wrote the book on Salesforce release management best practices. Discover how to accelerate your release management in Salesforce with deployment best practices from the team behind Salesforce CPQ. 

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Prodly Compliance Center

The gold standard for documenting SOX in Salesforce CPQ!