Sandbox Seeding

Sandbox Seeding for Salesforce

Seamlessly populate up to five sandboxes with current production data—in seconds. 

Seed up to 5 environments at the same time.

Mask or obfuscate sensitive data pre-deployment.

Keep every org in sync with production and each other​.

Give every developer their own org to minimize conflicts and lost work.

Seed Sandboxes Faster to Drive Agility

Work faster and smarter by giving everyone their own mini copy of production. Seed your entire CPQ schema—or just the Quotes, Quote Lines, Contracts, Subscriptions from your most important Accounts—to up to 5 lower-level environments simultaneously.

Determine How and What You Want to Seed

  • Seed relevant data from any production org or sandbox to up to 5 environments in one go.
  • Automatically manage inserts and upserts.
  • Automatically prevent duplicates with Prodly’s RecordMatch.
  • Quickly select related objects and skip unneeded relationships.
  •  Filter your records to just the ones you care about—so you can start new projects faster. 
Selecting deployment data to seed to a sandbox with Prodly.

Prebuilt Seed Templates

Save time and maximize productivity with our pre-built, reusable deployment templates for CPQ, Advanced Approvals, Billing, and more.

One-Click Scratch Org Creation

Quickly provision a new scratch org—with the correct metadata template and real production data—all in a single click. You can start using scratch orgs today, with or without Salesforce DX.

Adding a sandbox or scratch org with Prodly.
data masking

Anonymize or Mask Sensitive Data​

Mask commercially sensitive data or personally identifiable information (PII) before migration for full confidentiality and compliance with HIPAA, CCPA, or GDPR.


Is Your Environment Strategy Setting You Up for Maximum ROI?

Full and Partial Copy sandboxes are a major investment. To get maximum ROI, you need a sandbox strategy that helps you increase team productivity, reduce project bottlenecks, and improve testing. In this on-demand webinar, we break down how to unlock the power of Developer sandboxes.


Prodly Compliance Center

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