SOX Compliance

Automate SOX Compliance in Salesforce

Is your company subject to SOX regulations? Do you follow AICPA best practices? Or is manual, error-prone, and defective change tracking putting your organization at risk?

Request a personalized demo to discover how Prodly DevOps can help you establish an accurate, detailed audit trail, enforce separation of duties, and generate one-click audit reports.

SOX compliance change tracking in Prodly.

Easily Establish Governance

Prodly DevOps makes it easy to establish governance and put SOX internal controls in place. It enforces the separation of duties and offers documented approval of changes. 

Prodly automatically tracks the who, what, when, and why of every change made in your Salesforce and CPQ landscape. And it stores an audit trail of those changes indefinitely. What’s more: In the event of a SOX compliance audit, you can simply generate a comprehensive audit report with just one click.

Don’t leave SOX compliance to chance.

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See AppOps Governance in Action

Don’t wait for a SOX audit to learn you’re in violation of SOX regulations. Let us show you how to automate auditability and delegation of duties—while saving hours on CPQ configuration changes.

Make SOX Compliance Easy for the Whole Team

RevOps: Make Audit Reporting a Breeze

Easily implement your governance plan with Prodly AppOps. Streamline your reporting with built-in, automated audit trails that meet SOX compliance requirements—and give you peace of mind. 


Release Managers: A Single Deployment Tool

No need to design a new process or learn a new tool for enforcing SOX compliance. AppOps Release automates SOX-compliant change management while reducing your organization’s risk.

CPQ Admins: Automated Audit Trails

Don’t overburden your CPQ admins with extra work and responsibility. Give them a tool that keeps CSVs with sensitive data off their desktop while automatically generating an audit trail of their configuration data changes. 

Automated Auditing Makes SOX Compliance Easy

Protect Data Access

Robust Data Security

Say goodbye to risk-prone CSV files, Prodly uses desktop-free data migration so your sensitive data never leaves the Salesforce platform. It provides user authentication, in-flight data encryption, and sensitive data obfuscation—plus, it never stores sensitive data.

Selecting deployment data to seed to a sandbox with Prodly.

Streamline Reporting With Easy Auditability

Work faster and smarter by giving everyone their own Partial Copy of production. Seed your entire CPQ schema—or just the Quotes, Quote Lines, Contracts, Subscriptions from your most important Accounts—to up to 5 lower-level environments simultaneously. 

Source Control

Reduce Risk With Reliable, Secure Versioning for Data and Metadata

With the only source control for Salesforce metadata and configuration data, Prodly AppOps features automatic CPQ versioning that provides a single source of truth and reliable audit history for pricing changes. 

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