The alternative to changesets

The Alternative to Change Sets

Accelerate Your Metadata Deployments

Using change sets to deploy metadata in Salesforce is labor intensive, prone to error, and time consuming. But who has time for that?

That’s why the team behind Salesforce CPQ created Prodly DevOps—the fastest, smartest, and most secure way to deploy metadata between environments and up the release pipeline. Prodly DevOps complements the basic functions of Salesforce DevOps Center to empower you with a fully-developed, end-to-end change management platform.

Remember all that time you used to spend building an outbound change set, building an inbound change set, and deploying them with your fingers crossed you wouldn’t get an error message and have to do it all over again? Prodly DevOps will change your life. 

Release Changes 12x Faster Than Change Sets!

Work smarter, not harder, with the only metadata deployment solution that accelerates Salesforce DevOps change management.

50+ 5-Star Reviews on the AppExchange

Easy Metadata Deployments

Eliminate Time Building Change Sets

Quickly pinpoint changes that are ready to deploy—all without manually having to track changes. 

See Exactly What Changed

Compare Metadata Differences

No more guessing. You can see exactly what components changed between orgs at a granular level. 

Clicks, Not Code

No XML Knowledge Required

Prodly DevOps features a “clicks, not code” interface that’s user-friendly enough for admins yet robust enough for developers.  

Seed Sandbox
Keep Every Org in Sync

Deploy Up, Down, and Laterally Between Orgs

Keep every org in sync by effortlessly deploying between any two environments in any direction. Even deploy between unrelated orgs or production-to-production. 

Audit History

Built-In Compliance

Automatically track the who, what, and where of every change as it progresses through your pipeline. Generate audit reports with a few simple clicks.

200 Successful Deployments and counting!​

Discover how Prodly DevOps can accelerate your metadata deployment process and give you hours back in your day—request a personalized demo!

“Prodly is a one-stop solution for all deployment needs!”
Rohit K
G2 Review
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Prodly Compliance Center

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