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Enhance the Salesforce DevOps Process with Prodly

Hayley Coxon

VP of Marketing
Hayley Coxon is the Vice President of Marketing and Revenue Operations for Prodly and accidental admin since 2010. You can find her on LinkedIn.

May 6, 2022

The Salesforce DevOps lifecycle has traditionally been challenging. However, with Prodly, you can implement modern DevOps in Salesforce.

How Prodly Enables Modern Salesforce DevOps

Modern DevOps in Salesforce simplifies change management for both declarative and programmatic users who create and maintain low-code applications. As a result, it breaks down silos between IT and the business.

It leverages “clicks, not code” tools to empower admins, developers, and citizen developers to automate software development processes. This enables you to skyrocket the delivery of changes and new applications. At the same time, it reduces the risk of errors. 

Accelerating Digital Transformation

Prodly is a next-gen DevOps platform that supports all users in the development cycle. It alleviates the challenges you face in a typical development workflow. Moreover, it allows you to optimize your resources and enhance collaboration, productivity, reliability, and visibility. As a result, it accelerates digital transformation.

Prodly Solves Problems With Legacy DevOps in Salesforce

There are three main problems with legacy Salesforce DevOps. Here’s how Prodly DevOps addresses them.

Salesforce Is Not a Code-First Environment

Salesforce is a low-code platform that’s just as much declaratively as programmatically configured. That means low-code admins and no-code citizen developers haven’t always been a part of the conversation.

Tools for the Entire DevOps Cycle

The Prodly DevOps platform provides powerful yet user-friendly “clicks, not code” tools to accelerate change management in Salesforce. It’s made up of tools for work management, version control, Salesforce sandbox management, data migration, metadata deployment, and governance. Our solutions include modern Salesforce DevOps, CPQ deployments, sandbox seeding, and SOX compliance.

Prodly is user-friendly enough for admins and no-code citizen developers, yet robust enough for developers. It reduces data migration times by 85 percent and is 12x faster than change sets. 

It allows you to streamline processes—and deliver changes plus develop products faster than ever before. And this in turn supports your digital transformation efforts.

Reproducing Environments in Salesforce Is Challenging

Developer Sandboxes and scratch orgs aren’t true reproductions of your production environment. They don’t contain all your data and metadata. Meanwhile, Full Copy sandboxes quickly get out of sync with production. 

Additionally, maintaining data relationships across orgs is difficult. This is especially true in apps like Salesforce CPQ, which leverages configuration data.

One-Click Scratch Org Creation

With Prodly Sandbox Management, you can quickly create an environment with just one click.  This environment contains all your required data and metadata. Even complex data relationships are maintained. Plus, admins and no-code citizen developers can easily create a scratch org like this—without DX.

The sandbox seeding wizard lets you seamlessly populate up to five orgs with current production data in mere minutes. You don’t have to wait for sandbox refreshes anymore. That means you can ensure your build environments always have up-to-date data.

Your Production Org Has Traditionally Been the Source of Truth

Production is always changing. In addition, in Salesforce, there’s no true source tracking of your declarative configuration changes.

Version Control

Prodly provides version control so you can confidently make changes. If you  run into issues or errors, you can quickly and easily roll the configuration back to a previous state.

Built-In Compliance

Plus, with automatic change tracking, you always know who changed what, where, and when. You can quickly generate an audit report with one click—and you’re always in compliance with SOX regulations.

See How Prodly Enables Modern Salesforce DevOps

Check out this infographic to see how Prodly DevOps enables modern Salesforce DevOps. Request a personalized demo to see Prodly in action.

An infographic that shows how Prodly AppOps enhances the Salesforce DevOps process.


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