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How to Close More Deals With Prodly

Joe Marshall

Sr. Manager, Demand Generation

July 17, 2023

5 Ways Prodly Accelerates ALM in Sales Cloud

Close more deals. It’s every business’s objective. However, Sales Cloud and other apps can be cumbersome and labor intensive when it comes to making changes to your Salesforce instance. And that can compromise the responsiveness of your business. 

Fortunately, Prodly provides market-leading automation that streamlines and bulletproofs your Sales Cloud application lifecycle management (ALM) process. The result? Increased agility, effortless compliance, and an accelerated, smoother sales cycle. Let’s take a closer look at how Prodly boosts ALM—and how that helps your sales team close more deals.

Two businessmen shaking hands as they close more deals.

1. Faster Delivery Time for Changes

Prodly directly enhances your company’s agility by expediting the delivery of changes your business users request. For instance, let’s say you need to add a new pricing model in Salesforce CPQ. With Prodly, you can implement the change significantly faster than without automation. Your sales team can introduce the new price model quicker, which gives them an advantage in negotiations and can lead to more closed deals.

In another example, consider a scenario with seasonal pricing where you need to change prices based on summer and winter pricing strategies. Managing these changes in Sales Cloud can be a headache. But with Prodly, you can deploy the changes quickly and efficiently. This effectively reduces time to market for seasonal initiatives and helps improve win rates.

2. Optimized Enterprise Territory Management

The ability to make rapid, reliable changes in Enterprise Territory Management is critical to a streamlined sales process. Suppose your sales strategies shift and you need to reallocate your sales territories. Prodly can help roll out these changes smoothly and quickly. As a result, your sales reps spend less time in transition and more time engaging with their newly assigned leads. And that in turn can help them close deals faster.

Efficient release management becomes even more important when you have territories that are based on both geography and industry verticals. Any changes to a complex system like this are likely time consuming. Prodly can fast-track the process of making adjustments to your territories and, once everything works as planned, getting those changes into production.

On top of this, Prodly is the best ALM tool to help scale operations as your business grows. It allows you to easily handle expanding territories while responding to market changes and business demands.

In contrast, manual territory management is time consuming and prone to error. The resulting inefficiencies and issues can lead to misallocation of resources—such as incorrectly assigning a sales rep—and even missed opportunities.

3. Improved Product Management

For any business, it’s essential to keep your products and pricing competitive based on market feedback. With a quicker, smoother ALM process, you can roll out product and pricing updates in the blink of an eye to meet your customers’ expectations. Your sales reps have more options when they’re in negotiations, and that helps them close more business.

Imagine a scenario where you sell products that are made up of multiple elements that are each individual products. It can be a herculean task to get all this data into Sales Cloud. With Prodly, you can reduce the time you’d normally spend on data migration by 80%! This increased velocity directly enables your sales team to offer the most current and relevant products to potential customers.

4. Minimized Downtime

The fewer interruptions there are to your sales team’s workflow, the more time your reps can spend on customer-facing activities. The worst interruptions are downtime—whether unplanned or planned—because nobody can get anything done. Your Salesforce team can’t make any changes, and your sales reps can’t access the data and tools they need. But unfortunately, downtime happens. Here’s how Prodly helps:

  • Fewer bugs: Our automation eliminates manual labor, which significantly decreases the number of errors and bugs that cause issues in production. You can also schedule deployments to limit potential interruptions during business hours. Plus, our version control for data lets you easily roll back any changes that don’t function the way you want them to. This drastically reduces downtime—and maximizes your sales team’s access to your Salesforce instance.
  • Fewer refreshes: Our sandbox management feature lets you bypass the need for sandbox refreshes. You can sync both data and metadata up, down, and laterally. Effortlessly keep all your environments in sync with the most recent components and configurations—without ever waiting on a refresh. 

When you minimize downtime, you maximize your sales team’s active selling time. This uninterrupted workflow facilitates more and higher quality interactions with potential clients—and, as a result, more opportunities to close deals.

5. Enhanced Customer Trust

When you use Prodly in the Salesforce ALM process, you demonstrate your company’s integrity and trustworthiness. This assurance goes a long way in strengthening customer confidence during the sales process. After all, clients and customers don’t want to be associated with fraudulent activities—they simply can’t risk their operations or reputation being affected. 

Our Sandbox Seeding, Sandbox Management, DevOps, and Compliance Center solutions make it easy to comply with regulations regarding data protection and the integrity of financial changes. Features include data masking, data obfuscation, desktop-free data migration, 24/7 environment monitoring, and easy audit report generation… in other words, everything you need to comply with SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, and DCI in the Salesforce ALM process.

Boost Sales Cloud Efficiency—and Close More Deals

When you use Sales Cloud to its maximum potential, it can be a powerful tool that drives improved business agility, minimizes downtime, enhances customer trust, and above all, expedites your sales cycle. And in the current business landscape, it’s not only vital to have an efficient sales operation; resilience, adaptability, and responsiveness are also key factors. 

By automating your Sales Cloud ALM process with Prodly, you’ll enjoy multiple business benefits, including more agility, optimal territory management, improved product management, and increased regulatory compliance. It all adds up to one thing: Giving your sales team the right tools to act on opportunities faster, boost customer confidence—and ultimately, close more deals.


What is application lifecycle management (ALM) and how can it impact Sales Cloud?

Application lifecycle management (ALM) oversees the lifespan of an application through its planning, development, governance, and maintenance stages. When applied in the Sales Cloud release process, effective ALM can lead to faster implementation of changes, enhanced velocity, and improved compliance.

Why is ALM important in the context of a sales operation?

ALM is crucial in a sales operation because it contributes to an efficient sales process that can adapt swiftly to market changes and customer needs.

What role does minimizing downtime play in improving sales performance?

Minimizing downtime is key to enhancing sales performance. Downtime can interrupt the workflow, halt customer interactions, and delay deal closures. By reducing downtime through automation and effective processes, you ensure your sales team can remain focused on engaging with potential customers and fostering relationships.


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