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ICYMI: Prodly’s July 2023 Highlights

Sandra Hegler

Salesforce Administrator

July 31, 2023

We’re thrilled to present the debut issue of ICYMI: Prodly’s Monthly Highlights! Each month, we take you on a whirlwind tour of our most exciting content—thought-provoking blog posts, informative webinars, and ebooks packed with actionable advice—that might have flown under your radar. 

So grab something to drink, get comfy, and let’s take a look at all the awesome goodies we’ve pulled together just for you in this power-packed first edition.

ICYMI - July 2023 highlights

Application LifeCycle Management

Want to rev up your Salesforce release process and boost your business growth? Our latest ebook is the powerhouse you’ve been waiting for. The Essential Guide to Salesforce ALM is a goldmine of insights and strategies to ace Salesforce application lifecycle management (ALM). From the ABCs to the nitty-gritty, we cover it all! We spotlight the amazing benefits for your business—plus, we share best practices for an always-efficient change management process. 

ALM concept on open laptop

Security and Compliance

Steer clear of the migraines and monstrous fines that come with noncompliance! Our blogs are the roadmap to navigating the complex regulatory landscape—from nailing data governance, data classification, and data protection to understanding GLBA compliance in the Salesforce ALM process. As an added bonus, learn why desktop-free data migration in Salesforce ALM isn’t just lightning fast—it’s also as secure as a bank vault!

VR concept of a bank vault in the cloud


Finding the right Salesforce ALM solution for your specific business can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. That’s where Prodly comes in. We’ve put together 8 compelling reasons why Prodly is the way to go in fintech. But if you think we’re just about fintech, think again! We’re also the number one choice for companies in media, communications, and manufacturing. Discover how our cutting-edge automation delivers the business benefits you want.

various industries concept

Salesforce Change Management

Feeling swamped by those monotonous, time-sucking tasks in the Salesforce release process? There’s a better way! Our blog explains how sandbox seeding and sandbox management can radically improve your ALM—and how combining the two is your ticket to a streamlined Salesforce change management process. But wait—there’s more. We also explore why DevOps within ALM is a game-changer that pumps up your change management to a whole new level of awesome!

wooden blocks with a data sandbox concept

Prodly Culture

Ever wonder what makes Prodly tick? We’re pulling back the curtain to give you a front row seat to our adventures—like the time we rocked London World Tour! And that’s not all. We also give you the inside scoop on the amazing perks and benefits that make Prodly more than just a place to work. Get ready to fall in love with our dynamic, vibrant culture where we turn passion into productivity—and innovation into action!

Close-up view of business people putting their hands together.

Till Next Time!

And that’s a wrap on our July 2023 highlights! As we continue to innovate and break new ground in simplifying Salesforce change management, we want to empower you with all the resources you need. We’re here to make your Salesforce experience smoother and more efficient. So how about joining us on this adventure? We’ve got tons planned for August—and trust us, you won’t want to miss out. Till next time!


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