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Introducing Prodly’s Regression Testing for Low-Code Applications

Tori Bealer

April 14, 2020

Each and every day, you work hard to build and maintain your business-critical applications, like Salesforce CPQ. So when Salesforce pushes out an update that impacts all the work you’ve done, rage levels rise to a 10. Maintaining these applications is not for the weak of heart. The smallest tweak to your data can cause unexpected consequences causing unfathomable mental and emotional frustration. This is why so many brilliant admins take advantage of a regression testing process

Regression testing is testing existing software applications to make sure that a change or addition hasn’t broken any existing functionality. The idea is to catch those bugs early before they’ve been accidentally introduced into your new build and to ensure the bugs you’ve already killed stay dead. You want to identify those potential errors before they mutate into an uncontrollable monster. Regression testing is the process needed to avoid those release migraines. Such tests can be performed manually on small projects, but in most cases repeating a suite of tests each time an update is made is too time-consuming and complicated to consider, so an automated testing tool is typically required.

As companies adopt low-code applications, the work of maintaining apps is shifting from developers to administrators—but regression testing remains critically important to delivering high quality apps for the business. With this shift comes a need for admin-specific tools, so they can respond to immediate business demands with ease, without negatively impacting current operations.

(Curtain raises) – Introducing Prodly’s Testing Capabilities!

Prodly is proud to release a regression testing engine specifically built to enable companies to integrate testing into their continuous delivery cycle so they can make improvements to their low-code (point-and-click) applications. Our set of test automation productivity tools is designed to help you automate regression testing of complex Salesforce workflows like Salesforce CPQ. You can easily create & execute test cases and re-run them any time to ensure that previously developed and tested configurations and customizations still function after Salesforce releases updates or other configuration changes.

Key Testing Features:

  • Test case authoring – Create, organize, plan, and execute your test cases and easily re-run them at later intervals.
  • Test automation – Create test templates that can be easily reapplied across multiple test case scenarios.
  • Instant pass/fail visibility – Report & analyze test case pass/fail results at the record level to quickly troubleshoot issues.
  • Test complex CPQ logic- Reliably confirm Salesforce CPQ drives the expected results. Validate price rules, quote lines, line amounts and net totals are the correct values.

Prodly reduces the burden of manual testing that all admins feel by automating the entire process. Prodly runs through test scripts, complete tests, and log results for you in a matter of minutes, giving an admin back the lost hours it takes to create and execute on those tedious tasks. The best part of this solution is that it will reduce the risk of system impacting events making your applications more reliable than before.

Prodly is truly a solution to gain back your sanity. No more pulling your hair out when updates are released, no more hours of trying to find which configuration change caused CPQ to break, no more threat of introducing unforeseen bugs into production. Take back your valuable time and focus on what’s truly important, ensuring that your business-critical applications are reliable and functional for your company. Request a demo to see how automating your regression testing process can help you iterate apps faster, more frequently, and more reliably.


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