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Looking Forward to Dreamforce 2023

Prodly Marketing

August 24, 2023

The countdown to Dreamforce 2023 has begun! For most of us, it’s more than just a conference—it’s an annual extravaganza that draws industry pioneers, thought leaders, and Trailblazers from around the world. It blends innovation, collaboration, education, and pure excitement, providing a platform where new ideas are sparked, connections are made, and partnerships are formed. 

A Prodly employee posing with a Salesforce mascot at Dreamforce

Prodly at Dreamforce 2023

Our theme for Dreamforce this year is “Go Beyond With Prodly!” We’re so excited to show you how to go beyond DevOps and implement truly integrated Salesforce application lifecycle management. Stop by Booth 1402 for a quick demo of all our awesome automation tools for data-driven apps. You might even get a sneak peek of our upcoming product for compliance!

But it’s not all going to be business. Are you a gearhead, speed devil, or thrill seeker? Stick around after your demo to play a game of Mario Kart—you could win a ride in a Ferrari and lunch at the Ferrari club!

Of course, our booth is just the beginning. Together with RSM, we’re hosting a happy hour on Tuesday at Per Diem, where our CEO, Max Rudman, will share his insights on agility and compliance. We’ll be at the San Francisco Mint on Wednesday as sponsors for OpsStars 2023, so if RevOps is your thing, come check out this free event. And last, but not least, we’re co-hosting what promises to be a legendary Dreamfest pre-party at the Brixton! 

RSVPs are required for all these events, so reserve your spot now!

Prodigies Are Thrilled to Be Going to Dreamforce

Kelsey Eberle, Prodly’s Event Marketing Specialist, is the driving force behind our Dreamforce presence. And she knows that every company that attends has to bring its A-game. “Salesforce goes all out at Dreamforce,” she says. “It’s like Disneyland—you’re totally immersed in the ultimate Salesforce experience.” 

Just imagine stepping into a world where a mundane conference hall has been transformed into a wonderland with waterfalls and everything else you can imagine, from therapy pigs to puppies. Dreamforce isn’t just about booths and presentations—it’s about creating an environment where every Trailblazer feels like they’re part of something bigger.

Our Demand Generation Coordinator, Shanon Moerland, is thrilled to connect with attendees at Dreamforce. “It’s an incredible opportunity to directly engage with our users and learn how they benefit from our products,” she says. “We get to hear about their needs, gather feedback, and showcase all the innovative features and solutions we’ve developed over the past year.”

Informal events like our happy hour and Dreamfest pre-party are standout moments for Prodigies and Trailblazers alike. Away from the structured booth visits, meetings, and presentations, these settings create room for spontaneous, genuine interactions. 

As Kelsey notes, “Meeting our customers and partners in a more casual setting is always refreshing. It feels like catching up with friends. These events have a different, fun vibe where we can really build strong connections.”

An Unofficial Reunion

It’s not just the immersive experience and the connections with customers and partners that make Dreamforce special for the Prodly team. The event serves as a reunion of sorts. “Since we’re a fully remote company,” Kelsey reflects, “one of the most awesome things about Dreamforce is meeting so many coworkers in person. There’s a wonderful energy when you finally get together with colleagues you’ve only ever seen on a screen. It’s seamless—there’s just this great team camaraderie.”

Meet the Prodly Team at Dreamforce 2023

So if you’re attending Dreamforce this year, make sure to look out for us. We’re excited, we’re prepped, and we’re looking forward to extending our team camaraderie to you!


What is Dreamforce?

Dreamforce is the annual flagship event of Salesforce that attracts professionals from across the globe. It’s a melting pot of engaging workshops, powerful keynote addresses, company product displays, and valuable networking opportunities. 

What stands out at Dreamforce?

Dreamforce is jam-packed with exciting events and opportunities. That said, here are some of the most interesting:

  • Impactful keynote speeches, especially from leaders like Marc Benioff, Salesforce’s CEO
  • A wide range of breakout sessions that cover areas like sales, marketing, customer service, and IT
  • Ample networking opportunities with fellow Trailblazers
  • Fun, get-togethers, from corporate mixers to the highly-anticipated Dreamfest

How can I optimize my Dreamforce experience?

Keep these tips in mind to make the most of Dreamforce:

  • Be open to new things. Dreamforce is an opportunity to learn and see innovation in action.
  • Engage with fellow Trailblazers to build your network and exchange insights.
  • Have fun! Dreamforce is a celebration of the Salesforce ecosystem. Relax, and enjoy the atmosphere.


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