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The Many Hats of a Startup Employee

Maddie Mosley

Content writer at Prodly

September 21, 2023

Prodigies Multi-Hat Their Way to Success

A startup employee wearing many hats.

Working at a startup like Prodly is different from working at an established company. Employees learn to embrace versatility and adaptability—and with this comes the opportunity to “wear many hats.” That means being able to work, learn, and help across multiple departments when needed. For example, your day-to-day role might be in marketing, but some days, you could be asked to help out the partnerships and alliances team.

As a result, we believe the role of leadership in a multi-hat culture is to empower our employees. Keep reading to learn about the steps in adapting to a multi-hat environment, how some of our prodigies have embraced our multi-hat culture, and the benefits of wearing many hats.

Startup Employees Go the Extra Mile in a Multi-Hat Culture

Startups often have a small, agile workforce, with each individual playing a crucial part in the company’s growth and success. In this culture, employees often have to think on their feet and go beyond their designated roles to support their colleagues.

Becoming a Self-Starter

At Prodly, our employees are flexible, adaptable, and quick-minded—they come, look around, and create their own responsibilities. They’re hired to bring their expertise and execution. Leadership wants them to give input on what is or isn’t working, what needs to be developed, and solutions for improvement.

Mastering Versatility

Whether they’re a developer, a marketer, or even an HR director, prodigies have the opportunity to learn and collaborate as we blaze a trail in low-code/no-code ALM for Salesforce. This is where any one of the previously mentioned roles gets to put on the innovator, problem-solver, and strategist hats all at the same time. 

Andreea, Prodly’s QA Manager, has quickly mastered versatility in her role, as she’s gone from being the only QA employee in the company to a lead and now a manager. Things grew so quickly that starting a QA team from scratch and expanding was necessary. During this process, Andreea’s been instrumental in teaching her team new skills—like understanding the language of Salesforce—and serving as a communication link between different departments in the company. 

“Here at Prodly, things are different—people help with whatever’s needed, when it’s needed,” she says. “We’re all one big team. We’re working toward the same goal. If that requires me to jump between different departments, I’m here.” 

Andreea also shares that employees at Prodly really feel how great, respectful, and collaborative the environment and culture are. Everyone’s understanding and patient as they work from top to bottom as a team.

She continues, “The culture of Prodly is amazing. The people here show appreciation, listen, and want your advice—that’s how things grow, and that’s how we progress.”

This type of multi-hat environment has allowed our prodigies to really build a strong bond, strengthening our team cohesion.

Riding the Startup Wave

Working in a startup environment like Prodly has the potential to help employees learn new skills and understand different aspects of the business. Yana, Prodly’s Director of People Operations, believes that to grow in a startup environment, you have to be ready to learn—and to communicate what you see as business priorities. In other words, you have to be a self-starter. 

“Startups are about having the initiative to grow, be better, and develop more and more,” she says.

That’s why we welcome innovation, opportunities, and even challenges: They give us greater job satisfaction and strengthen the synergy among us as a team.

The Role of Leadership in a Multi-Hat Culture

Our multi-hat employees at Prodly are our biggest asset. Without them, nothing would happen. It’s important that they feel championed and supported at all times. Our prodigies are truly passionate and understanding encouragers, and we want to ensure their well-being and growth. 

Originally from a background in insurance, Maria, our Financial Manager, has enjoyed the rapid learning and skill development that’s come since starting at Prodly a year ago. Like many others, she’s moved through the ranks in a short amount of time and now has the opportunity to motivate and manage a team.

When she was promoted to her new role, she reassured the rest of her team that while a replacement was being found, everything was going to be okay as long as they worked together. This sense of camaraderie is something we prioritize here at Prodly.

“I kept telling them, ’Don’t worry, we have a good team. Whoever comes in, we’re going to handle it,’” she says. “We’ve got this!” 

Putting on her “manager hat” and delegating tasks was difficult in the beginning, but having an open culture and amazing coworkers has made it all easier for Maria and her team. It’s important to her to always communicate with them and listen to their concerns, especially while working with other departments. Ultimately, she wants her team members to shine.

Maria’s enjoying her time getting settled in her new role. “It’s rewarding at the end of the day,” she says. “I like challenges—and this is certainly a big challenge for me. I’m motivated to succeed in this!”

Prodigies Wear Startup Hats with Pride

Joining a startup can be an exhilarating journey filled with endless opportunities to create and shape the future. Here at Prodly, we wear our many hats with pride—embracing the diverse responsibilities that foster growth and drive innovation. No matter which department our employees work in, all our prodigies play a vital role in our company’s success.


How can wearing many hats advance my career?

You can broaden your skills and expertise, which makes you more qualified for more senior roles.  It’s also a great way to expand your network, which can lead to future collaborations and opportunities.

I don’t have any experience outside of my field. Can I still work at a startup?

Yes, you can. Most startups value flexibility and the willingness to learn. If you take on challenges enthusiastically and proactively, you discover that wearing many hats is easier and more rewarding than you expected.

How can I increase my professional adaptability?

Actively seek out learning opportunities, whether formal training or informal ride-alongs with peers. Remember to be open to feedback so you can continuously hone your skills.

Is startup a suitable work environment for me if I prefer to specialize in my field?

Yes, it can be, because startups definitely need specialists. That said, you might still be asked to take on a cross-functional role from time to time.


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