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Prodly: The #1 ALM Solution for Media Companies

Kelsey Eberle

July 6, 2023

6 Reasons to Use Prodly for Salesforce ALM

Prodly is the market-leading ALM solution for media companies that can help you achieve personalization, agility, and velocity. Check out these six reasons why you need Prodly for your media company.

Streaming media technology referring to an ALM solution for media.

1. Supercharge Your Personalization Capabilities.

Personalization drives revenue in the media industry. The better you can cater to the preferences of your audience, the more you can maximize customer lifetime value. 

Prodly’s powerful automation accelerates the delivery of new features and capabilities that support personalization of your offerings. Your agility skyrockets… and so does your ability to respond on a dime to customer feedback and changing viewer habits.

Increase your velocity, keep customers happy—and leave the competition in the dust!

2. Boost Speed. Grow Profits.

For data-centric apps with complex dependencies, bottlenecks and errors are the bane of your Salesforce ALM process—not to mention your sales cycle.

Our automation shrinks deployment times by an astounding 80%. Manual tasks that used to take days now only take hours. We also provide sandbox seeding, data source control, compliance tools, org comparison features, and org synchronization features. And they’re all designed to accelerate and bulletproof your ALM process. 

Turn changes around faster, amplify business agility—and capitalize on every revenue-generating opportunity that comes your way.

3. Maximize Your Return on Investment.

Do you use a subscription-based or an à la carte pricing model? Do you create tailored offerings for each individual advertiser? Regardless of what business structure or Salesforce app you use, Prodly is the benchmark for data-centric applications! We offer deployment plan templates for the most commonly-used apps, including:

  • Salesforce CPQ & Billing
  • Conga Composer
  • TaskRay
  • Continuous Usage Consumption Revenue Models
  • Advanced Approvals

Shave hours off deployments, make your team happy with more impactful work, boost your business users’ capabilities—all while maximizing your return on investment.

4. Reduce Risk Effortlessly.

In an industry where compliance is crucial, Prodly ensures your changes are meticulously tracked and documented. This significantly reduces the risk of noncompliance with SOX and comparable financial regulations,

In addition, Prodly’s built-in compliance features make it super easy to adhere to data privacy laws such as CCPA, PIPEDA, and GDPR. Our solution lets you mask, redact, and obfuscate data at a granular level so you can still use production-grade test data without violating any laws.

Comply with SOX regulations, uphold data privacy—and navigate the complexities of compliance without breaking a sweat!

5. Set Up Environments in a Snap!

Setting up orgs for Salesforce CPQ and other data-centric apps often eats up to 30% of your sprint cycle. But let’s say you’re introducing a new advertisement format or adding a new subscription plan. In these cases, you need to perform exhaustive testing before deploying the changes. 

With our state-of-the-art sandbox seeding and 1-click scratch orgs, the time you need to set up dev environments is less than a minute. What’s more: These orgs are loaded with data that’s cloned directly from your live production environment. 

Rev up your speed, boost your earnings—and get in the express lane to explosive business growth!

6. Enjoy Consistent Uptime—and Less Risk.

Audiences respond overwhelmingly to trends, and that means customer preferences change often and rapidly. Salesforce admins need to be nimble—but the last thing you want is for any slip-up to cause unplanned downtime… because that’s when the business engine stalls.

Our integrations for data version control let you roll back changes to a previous state of the software. That way, you can fix what’s broken without any interruption to your business users.

Plus, how would you like to sync your data and metadata across environments without waiting on a refresh? Our sandbox management solution lets you do this—and keep your team in sync with the latest configurations.

Cut down on code clashes, ramp up your code quality, make properly-functioning changes—and maximize uptime.

Maximize Your Profits With the #1 Salesforce ALM Solution for Media

Prodly’s cutting-edge automation for Salesforce ALM helps you enhance personalization, agility, and velocity. As a result, your ability to respond instantly to changing customer preferences, uphold critical compliance standards, and maintain consistent uptime becomes your key to sustained growth. Prodly provides more than automation—it offers a comprehensive roadmap to the success of your business.


Why is a specialized ALM solution important for media companies?

ALM solutions designed for media companies are essential because they cater to specific industry needs, such as rapid content personalization and agile responsiveness to market trends. They help you streamline operations, reduce bugs and downtime, and significantly accelerate speed to market.

What should I look for in an ALM solution to ensure data privacy and compliance?

An effective ALM solution should offer robust compliance features that help you easily adhere to data privacy laws and financial regulations. For example, if you’re a public company operating in the U.S., you need an ALM solution that offers change tracking and documentation capabilities. At the same time, you need features that let you mask, redact, and obfuscate data so you can still use high-quality data for testing. Learn more about compliance in the Salesforce release management process

How can an ALM solution make setting up environments more efficient?

Automated sandbox seeding and 1-click scratch orgs can cut down the time it takes to set up development environments significantly—without compromising the quality of your dev environments. Learn more about sandbox seeding and 1-click scratch orgs.


Prodly Compliance Center

The gold standard for documenting SOX in Salesforce CPQ!