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On the Horizon: Lightning-fast updates to Field Service Lightning

Tori Bealer

September 18, 2018

As of 2018, Field Service Lightning is Salesforce’s fastest growing product, with revenue expected to easily surpass $100 million this year. Also known as FSL, Field Service Lightning allows organizations to easily manage, track, and analyze their customer service efforts with seamless interaction between managers, representatives, dispatchers, and customers. But much like Salesforce CPQ, FSL is not plug-and-play, nor set it and forget it. Setup, updates, and ongoing management are tedious and labor-intensive processes that leech away the nimbleness that the software is meant to provide. That’s where we come in.

Moover for Field Service Lightning

If you’re familiar with Moover, you’ve no doubt heard about how the Moover Toolkit for Salesforce CPQ has automated the CPQ reference data update process, helping customers extract more value from their CPQ investment. Now, Prodly is about to launch a similar toolkit for FSL implementation partners and users. We’ve teamed up with Penrod Software, one of the leading FSL implementation partners, to create a set of templates, a deployment guide, and our exclusive Guided Deployment Support which will make maintaining and updating FSL reference data a hassle-free process. We’re hoping to have the same impact for users of Field Service Lightning that we are having with Salesforce CPQ. After all, organizations don’t stop caring about their customers after they’ve made the sale, so why not equip service teams with the same tools to make them as effective and agile as possible?