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Prodly Gives Back: Employee Stories of Inspiration and Transformation

Maddie Mosley

Content writer at Prodly

June 23, 2023

It’s been said time and time again that “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” 

Here at Prodly, employees each have four paid days of volunteer work they’re able to use at any nonprofit throughout the year. This gives our “prodigies” the flexibility to serve a wide variety of organizations in whatever capacity they choose. Granting time off for charitable causes allows us to feel connected as a company.

A team joining hands referring to employee stories of volunteer work.

For Kelsey Eberle, Prodly’s event marketing specialist, volunteer work has become a part of who she is. At a time when most teenagers were starting to figure out who they were, gossiping about their current crushes, trying to get rid of pimples, and throwing themselves into extracurriculars, she was right there with them—while also finding time to volunteer. 

Years later, her repertoire of volunteer work packs a punch: She’s not new to this; she’s true to this! Her involvement with multiple interesting nonprofits and volunteer activities has solidified her love of service. She just stepped down as board president for the nonprofit Indy Convergence and still volunteers with organizations about which she’s passionate, including Flanner Farms. In fact, Kelsey’s always on the go—in her remaining free time, she also works for USA Gymnastics as an assistant event producer. 

Some of Kelsey’s most memorable moments volunteering include her time working on the Belmont Beach Project with Indy Convergence and PhxArt Family Fundays with the Phoenix Art Museum. These two projects have created an avalanche of activities and longevity, something she’s super proud of.

Kelsey’s done an amazing job blending her background in volunteer work with her work at Prodly. Before coming to Prodly, she worked in the nonprofit field and learned Salesforce on the side. When the pandemic hit, she knew a change was coming. 

She started looking for customer success roles, not realizing there’d also be bigger opportunities for her to step into an event-planning position wherever she ended up next. She was already planning events in a different venue, so the transition was smooth. Now she does trade shows instead of big public programs and film festivals.

One of her future goals for Prodly is to plan a volunteer opportunity around Dreamforce and partner with the Surfrider Foundation for a beach cleanup day. In the long run, she wants to continue making a positive impact and open up the Prodly world to more outdoor engagements.

Kelsey says that her favorite thing about working for Prodly is the collaboration: “Everyone’s up for working together and trying new things.” 

Make a Difference

Whether you’re volunteering at a community-focused farm like Kelsey or collecting donations at your local food bank, you’re making a difference and putting kindness out into the world. Plus, research shows that a combination of kindness and service truly does kindle happiness. There will always be opportunities to get involved and start volunteering—it’s never too late. 

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