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Prodly Rocks Mile High Dreamin’

Sam Welter

September 19, 2023

Prodigies Network and Share Knowledge

Attending industry events can be a challenging yet rewarding experience—especially when you’re representing your new company. That was the case when I had the opportunity to join a group of my fellow Prodigies at Mile High Dreamin’, a conference in Denver that brings together Salesforce enthusiasts, partners, and professionals.

The Perfect Booth Setup

Prodly’s booth at Mile High Dreamin’

One thing’s for sure: Prodly knows how to make an impression. Thanks to our team’s hard work, our strategic booth placement combined with its well-thought-out organization truly showcased our brand to its fullest potential. This winning combination allowed us to engage with potential partners and customers who share our passion for Salesforce. The atmosphere was electric, with attendees buzzing around, excited to explore the latest developments in automation for Salesforce application lifecycle management (ALM).

Meet J Manning, the Knowledge Guru

One of the highlights of Mile High Dreamin’ was witnessing the exceptional knowledge and enthusiasm of J Manning, Prodly’s Director of Solution Engineering. J isn’t just knowledgeable about our product—he’s a walking encyclopedia of Salesforce wisdom. During the event, he hosted an informative session titled Best Practices for Release and Application Lifecycle Management.

J’s presentation and engaging demo drew in more than 50 Trailblazers, all eager to learn more. His contribution made a real impact—both on those who attended the session, as well as on our team’s confidence and motivation.

J Manning’s session and demo at Mile High Dreamin’

Teamwork Turns a Steep Learning Curve Into a Smooth Ride

As an HR professional representing my new company at a Dreamin’, I was facing a steep learning curve. Fortunately, J’s guidance and expertise made all the difference. In a short amount of time, I absorbed a wealth of knowledge that allowed me to confidently engage with interested Trailblazers and explain to them how our automation can solve their problems. His encouragement exemplified the support and knowledge we enjoy at Prodly that make it such a fun and productive place to work.

Symbiotic Success: The Power of Partnerships

While Mile High Dreamin’ was a fantastic opportunity to showcase our products and expertise, it was equally valuable for building connections. For instance, we were able to connect with several Salesforce partners. 

And this is the beauty of industry events: The connections we make lay the foundation for our company’s organic growth. When our partners encounter challenges in Salesforce ALM that they can’t address, we become their go-to recommendation. It’s a symbiotic relationship that often goes unnoticed—but that’s crucial for the long-term success of everyone involved.

The Prodly Experience

At Salesforce events, we like to create an atmosphere that’s laid-back while still being informative, ensuring that every interaction is positive and enriching. Why? Because for us, these opportunities are about more than just meeting potential customers. They’re also about making lasting connections to help the company advance. 

My experience at Mile High Dreamin’ was a testament to the passion, knowledge, dedication, and camaraderie of the Prodly team. Thanks to my teammates, I felt empowered to learn, grow, and build valuable relationships within the Salesforce community. 

At Prodly, we’re excited to continue this adventure—not just to broaden our horizons, but also to make a global impact in the Salesforce ALM landscape. We can’t wait to share more of our insights and innovations with you, so stay tuned for more exciting updates!


What’s Mile High Dreamin’?

Mile High Dreamin’ is a community-hosted conference that takes place in Denver, Colorado, each year. It features sessions, workshops, and networking events designed to help Trailblazers advance. Learn more about Mile High Dreamin’.

What are Salesforce Dreamin’s?

Salesforce Dreamin’ is a series of regional conferences where Trailblazers can get the latest information about Salesforce products and solutions. They typically feature keynotes, breakout sessions led by experts, and hands-on labs.

What are the benefits of attending a Dreamin’?

You can learn about the latest Salesforce products, discover new trends in the Salesforce ecosystem, enhance your skills and knowledge, and network with other Salesforce professionals.


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