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Prodly’s Employee Perks and Benefits Go the Distance

Maddie Mosley

Content writer at Prodly

July 14, 2023

Prodly understands the value of employee perks and benefits. They show our team that we’re invested in their health, success, and future. Some of the perks and benefits we offer include unlimited PTO, fully remote work, and paid volunteer time.

A swag bag that's just one of Prodly's employee perks and benefits.

Employee Perks and Benefits at Prodly

Here at Prodly, we want our employees to truly feel valued and set up for success. This starts with providing them with the necessary tools to do their jobs.

Cultivating a Thriving Workplace

Samantha Welter, our employee success manager, loves to see employees taking advantage of all the perks and benefits that Prodly has to offer. Whether they’re taking a two-week long vacation, putting money into a 401(k), or even spending time with loved ones, we offer the flexibility needed for employees to thrive.

“We want our employees to be happy, feel like they’re being taken care of and given all the tools they need to succeed,” Samantha says. “That really helps with the work-life balance.”

Near or Far, All Prodigies Enjoy What We Have to Offer

Because Prodly’s a global company, our HR department works hard to ensure everyone has access to the same benefits and perks—no matter where they live. We’re proud to support employees all over the globe who carry out the Prodly vision through their innovation and expertise.

Employee Perks at Prodly

Employee perks are a valuable component of a comprehensive benefits package. We want our employees to have the best of the best with these additional incentives:

  • Four paid volunteer days: Each employee has this time to volunteer at any nonprofit of their choosing throughout the year. We want our “prodigies” to be able to give back to their communities while feeling connected as a company.
  • Two employee recognition programs: HeyTaco and our Three Pillars Award allow us to celebrate and shine a spotlight on our amazing employees. Plus, these employee recognition programs are simply fun!
  • Company-sponsored events: Every year we have annual Holiday parties–one for the Cyprus employees and one for the US employees. We’re all invited to an awesome destination where we get to meet each other in person and hang out. It’s highly anticipated by our team!
  • Fully remote work within Prodly’s digital setup
  • Flexible working schedule matching employee work-life balance
  • Swag bags: Our team is gifted these every year. This year, the Cyprus prodigies received an embroidered logo hoodie, a big “Refresh and Recharge” mug, a special flavored tea pack, and a handy portable vacuum cleaner to make their home office even cozier (see image above). US prodigies received an embroidered logo hoodie, a big Prodly mug, cacao, and a fidget pen.
Employee Benefits at Prodly

We believe employee benefits are key to encouraging productivity, employee morale, and overall job satisfaction. That said, employees outside the US, the UK, and Canada have slight differences in the benefits they receive. Healthcare plans and 401(k) options are distinct due to there being different providers specific to their locations. Our prodigies all across the globe receive the following:

  • Unlimited paid time off 
  • Sick time
  • Equity grants
  • Employee assistance programs: These include counseling and coaching services, work-life assistance and resources, legal and financial assistance and resources, exclusive savings, online learning for kids and adults, and personal development courses to support a high-performance environment.
  • Retirement plan: Matching 401(k) for US employees and a comparable option for Cyprus employees
  • Necessary equipment provided: A cozy home budget that includes a stipend to set up an office space, a designated monitor allowance, and a geek allowance for the tech team. Team members have spent this on everything from installing a lock on their office door so they couldn’t be disturbed to buying an electric foot warmer. Our employees are able to do whatever they need to do in order to make their work spaces comfortable.
  • Insurance: Medical, Dental, Vision: US employees have access to two medical providers. Anybody outside of the US, the UK, and Canada receives a yearly stipend toward any healthcare plan of their choosing.

Elevating Workplace Morale with Employee Perks and Benefits

What we do here at Prodly wouldn’t be possible without the amazing, dedicated team that we have. We aim to always demonstrate our commitment to the satisfaction and well-being of our employees. By providing attractive perks and benefits, we help our employees feel happier and more engaged because they feel truly valued.


What’s the difference between an employee perk and an employee benefit?

Benefits are paid expenses guaranteed to full-time employees, such as health insurance, commute costs, and 401(k) contributions. Perks are bonuses or rewards that employees aren’t entitled to.

What is considered a job perk?

Any type of extra incentive or reward on top of non-wage compensation and salary is considered a job perk. Things like employee recognition programs, unlimited PTO, paid volunteer time, flexible work hours, remote work options, and free food for employees would all qualify. These are things that give the employee an experience rather than compensation.

What kind of perks do employees want? 

Though one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to employee perks, studies suggest that the three benefits that matter most to employees are generous paid time off, paid family leave, and flexible and remote working options.


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