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Prodly’s Employee Recognition Programs

Maddie Mosley

Content writer at Prodly

June 30, 2023

How We Spotlight Our Shining Stars

At Prodly, one of the ways we show our employees how much we value them is through our two employee recognition programs: HeyTaco and the Three Pillars Award. Read on to find out why we use these specific programs and to get a behind-the-scenes peek at exactly how they work. Later in the blog, we also discuss the value of implementing an employee appreciation program.

A neon megaphone banner with the words "great job" referring to employee recognition programs.

We Use HeyTaco to Have Fun and Celebrate

We strongly believe employee recognition should be special and unique, just like our team.  The HeyTaco recognition program has brought a new wave of unconventional kindness currency to Prodly. And with it, we’re creating happier, stronger, and more engaged employees. Let’s taco ’bout how it works and what its benefits are!

Fuel Appreciation and Collaboration With Tacos

With HeyTaco, our employees and leadership give and receive digital award tacos for exceptional performance or contributions. We can achieve different levels, unlock different stickers, and redeem the tacos we’ve accumulated for rewards. And one of the aspects we like most about HeyTaco is that we can redeem our tacos for charitable contributions.

Since we started using this program, we’ve given a total of 27,788 tacos. Many of our employees have redeemed their tacos for charitable donations. Together, we’ve donated more than $1,750 to No Kid Hungry and $950 to various nonprofits like animal shelters and environmental charities.

Why We Like the HeyTaco Program

Whoever thought tacos couldn’t make a difference sure was wrong! The HeyTaco program isn’t just a fun tool to get employees involved—it also fosters a culture of appreciation and teamwork. Plus, it motivates employees to go above and beyond. This is the type of work environment and culture that so many employees dream of. Taco chance on this employee recognition program—you won’t regret it!

How to Get Started With HeyTaco

It’s super simple to get started with HeyTaco:

  • Add HeyTaco to Slack or Microsoft Teams.
  • Write fun messages of encouragement or appreciation to your teammates with a taco emoji.
  • Respond to teammates’ messages with a taco.
  • Feel the team vibes!

Three Pillars Award: Prodigies Who Represent Our Core Values

We believe employees can and should be celebrated in numerous ways. Along with the HeyTaco employee recognition program, we also give out a monthly Three Pillars Award.

Prodly Celebrates Excellence and Inspires Achievement

Every month, prodigies have the opportunity to nominate and vote for other prodigies who represent our core values. These include going above and beyond for our customers and each other, doing whatever it takes to get the job done, and always doing what’s right. 

When you nominate someone, you explain why you’re doing so, how they’ve represented our core values, and what the impact of their efforts is. For example, some of our amazing prodigies are currently representing Prodly at big events in the US and around the globe. Any one of them could be nominated for this award.

Recognition and Rewards

What makes the Three Pillars Award so successful is that we keep up with it every month. We announce the winner during our monthly all-hands meeting, after which they receive appreciation tacos from the team, as well as a financial reward. Money, tacos, and your coworkers hyping you up–who wouldn’t want to implement a program like this?!

How Our Employee Recognition Programs Benefit Us

Most people just want to feel appreciated—whether by loved ones or coworkers—for doing small but meaningful things throughout their day. Here’s how we know our appreciation programs really make a difference in our work environment:

  • They boost employee morale, productivity, and teamwork.
  • They contribute to a positive work environment.
  • They help keep our employees happy, engaged, and motivated.

“I just think that recognition in that sense is so important,” says Samantha Welter, our Employee Success Manager. “It doesn’t matter how you give it, it doesn’t matter if you’re doing awards or if you’re doing something else, but recognition is huge.”

Samantha is new to Prodly, but she’s already felt and seen the love and recognition from the team. On her first day of work, she was bombarded with tacos on Slack from her coworkers and was loving every minute of it.

“I felt like I was being showered in tacos! It was the greatest feeling ever! I love that you really just feel like this company, these people just care, they just really just care about other people, and they care about you.”

Elevate Success With Your Own Employee Recognition Program

There’s nothing quite like working with a team that’s happy, engaged, and strong! When you give your team a safe place to shine and motivate each other, it almost guarantees your company will thrive.


What’s the benefit of using multiple employee recognition programs?

When you have more than one employee recognition program, you can cater to different forms of recognition. This helps ensure everyone feels seen and appreciated. While one program might be more casual and interactive like HeyTaco, another could be more formal and directly tied to the company’s core values.

Can employee recognition programs be adapted to remote or hybrid work environments?

Absolutely! HeyTaco is a digital program that’s perfectly suited to remote or hybrid workplaces. And if you have a more formal employee appreciation program, you can roll it out in the way that best fits your work environment.

How can employee appreciation programs help me retain talent?

Employee recognition programs are powerful tools for enhancing job satisfaction and improving staff retention rates. When you acknowledging employees for their contributions, you can boost morale, improve job satisfaction, and instill a sense of belonging within your team. And when employees feel more connected to your organization and valued by you, it can contribute to higher retention rates.


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