Compliance Center

Simplified Compliance. Amplified Control.

Prodly Compliance Center—The Ultimate SOX Compliance Solution for DevOps in Salesforce CPQ!

The Only SOX Compliance Tool for Salesforce CPQ

1-Click Audit Reports

Be audit-ready—anytime. Instantly generate comprehensive, transparent population and sample reports. 

24/7 Monitoring

Enjoy constant surveillance, and easily distinguish authorized from unauthorized changes. Stay proactive in compliance.

Customizable Rules

Set up rules to monitor changes to precisely those configurations that matter to your business.

Business Benefits


Cutting-Edge Automation

Automate change tracking integrated with work items for full visibility, comprehensive documentation, and 1-click audit reports.

risk management

Proactive Risk Management

Monitor your production org 24/7 for unauthorized and authorized changes. Easily see if an update has been made outside your change management process.


Flexible Customization

Tailor monitoring rules to your specific needs—and create a compliance process that fits your company’s unique requirements.


Mitigate Noncompliance

Eliminate manual errors that can compromise compliance. Boost operational efficiency—and minimize costs.


Meet Auditors' Deadlines

Generate population reports and sample reports with just one click so you can meet every deadline—and foster stakeholder trust.

Experience stress-free compliance management with Prodly.

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Prodly Compliance Center

The gold standard for documenting SOX in Salesforce CPQ!