Prodly DevOps

Modern Salesforce DevOps

Accelerate Your Salesforce DevOps Cycle With Automation

Track, manage, and deliver Salesforce work like never before with integrated work management, automated release management, source control for data and metadata, and sandbox seeding… all specifically designed for Salesforce.

Salesforce DevOps That Increases Collaboration and Agility

Agile Planning Tools to Get Everyone Organized on the Release Train

Better collaboration starts when everyone’s on the same page. Easily keep track of projects, work requirements, and status.


Avoid “This Worked in Dev, but Not UAT!” Surprises

Quickly provision Developer or scratch orgs with real production data. Easily see metadata differences between orgs, and selectively deploy changes to keep all environments in your landscape in sync. 

Deploy Faster and Smarter

Streamline release days by packaging ready-to-go changes together and deploying everything required for a work item at once. Deploy 12 times faster than change sets and a million times faster than Data Loader!

How Our Salesforce DevOps Solution Works

Work Agilely and Get More Done

Increase Velocity and Salesforce ROI

Prodly DevOps is your central command station for managing your entire team’s work across all your environments. Eliminate busy work and unnecessary sandbox spend… and maximize your team’s efficiency plus your Salesforce return on investment.

Work item
Track Work From Request to Delivered

Understand the Business Impact of Salesforce Changes

Prodly DevOps seamlessly integrates work management and release management to improve alignment with stakeholders, accelerate change delivery, and provide greater transparency into capacity and backlog. 

CI/CD for Salesforce

Automate Deployments for Faster Releases and Fewer Mistakes

Automatically deploy work to the next stage in the release pipeline in just a few clicks. Prodly’s smart deployments ensure all the necessary components are included. Gone are the days of building change sets and remembering how to sequence data loads. And if a mistake sneaks through… Prodly will catch it for you. 

metadata components
Version Control
Easy Git Integration

The Only Source Control for Metadata and Data

Adhere to DevOps best practices—get everyone working from the same source of truth with version control for metadata and configuration data. Enhance collaboration, meticulously track changes, and effortlessly roll back to a previous version if needed.

Identify and Fix Issues Early

Deploy High Quality Releases… The First Time

Forget having to delay a release because you found a bug last minute. Or worse: Having to hotfix production because a user found a bug after release. Prodly DevOps helps you integrate testing into every stage of development so you can ensure all work goes through proper testing before it’s approved for release.

Selecting data to seed to a sandbox with Prodly.
Seed Sandboxes and Scratch Orgs

Kickstart Your Next Sprint With Fully Seeded Development Environments

Give every admin and developer on your team their own environment with the information they need to do their best work. Prodly Sandbox Management lets users create a new scratch org with the correct test data in one click. They can also seed data into 5 orgs simultaneously. That way, you always have a new development org ready to go.

Intuitive UI and Salesforce DX Ready

Work Collaboratively Together Using Your Tool of Choice

Prodly DevOps features an intuitive UI that’s easy to use for point-and-click admins. And with a DX plugin and APIs, it’s powerful enough for developers, too. 

Adding a sandbox or scratch org with Prodly.
Seamless Jira Integration

Track All Your Salesforce Deployments From Your Source of Truth

Effortlessly link deployments to work issues in Jira for better auditing and oversight. Curious to see how it works? Click on the image to the left to take our Prodly-Jira integration tour!

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See Prodly AppOps in action

Sometimes seeing is believing, and for those occasions we made a demo. Let one of our experts show you how easy it can be to build, test, and release apps.



Prodly Compliance Center

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