Salesforce Sandbox Management

Salesforce Sandbox Management

Take Control of Your Environment Strategy

Unlock true agility by creating complete environments anyone on your team can use. With Prodly Sandbox Management, you can easily leverage every Developer and scratch org at your disposal. That way, your team can minimize conflicts, test more thoroughly, and get features to production faster!

A screenshot of seeding objects to five Salesforce orgs in one go.

A Great Sandbox Strategy Unlocks Salesforce ROI

How Prodly Sandbox Management Works

Our solution enables one-click environment preparation. This gives you the ability to get a fully-provisioned scratch org—with the right data from the get-go.

One-Click Org Setup

Admins: Easily Create a Scratch Orgs, No CLI Needed

Does your team find using Salesforce DX to create Scratch orgs challenging? Delight them with Prodly Sandbox Management’s intuitive UI. They can automatically set up scratch orgs with the right metadata and test record data—without ever seeing the command line. 

A screenshot of seeding objects to five Salesforce orgs in one go.
Sandbox Seeding

Seed Sandboxes Faster—and Drive Agility

Prodly Sandbox Management seeds up to five sandboxes with complete test data in the same time it takes other tools to seed a single object. So you can get started on your next task within minutes—and significantly ramp up your agility and velocity.

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Experience Prodly Sandbox Management for Yourself

Seeing is believing. That’s why our experts are here to show you how easy it can be to take your sandbox strategy to the next level.