DevOps 101 for Salesforce admins course

Starting March 10th | 5 classes | A class every two weeks | 5.00 PM GMT

Starting on March 10th, 2022, our DevOps 101 course will walk you through building your foundation for implementing DevOps best practice within Salesforce’s low-code environment. Every two weeks we will cover a new topic, with a total of 5 topics spanning 8 weeks.

Sign up for our DevOps 101 course. Can’t make it to one? don’t worry! All participants will be send recordings of the classes to review on their own time.

What you’ll learn
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Our classes
Week 1: Governance and responsibilities
What does DevOps look like within Salesforce? How do you define your DevOps process and policies? Learn how to assess the current state of your change management process and where it could be improved.  
Week 2: Environment strategy
How should you allocate your organisation’s Salesforce environments? Learn deployment path best practices, when to use which environment, and how to keep all off your environments in sync.  
Week 3: Release management
How do you coordinate and deploy while taking governance and the end user into account? Learn different release methodologies and how you can implement a strategy that works for you.  
Week 4: CI/CD & Version control
Learn what CI/CD is and how it helps you run multiple projects at the same time, eliminate bugs in production, and bring down downtime for your end users. What is your source of truth? What is the difference between data and metadata and how does that affect how you version?  
Week 5: Testing
Do your changes work as intended? Will your work collide with your coworkers’? What happens if your work breaks something in another environment? Learn what processes to have in place that can prevent that from happening before it gets to production!

Every two weeks | 5 PM GMT

03/10: Governance and responsibilities

03/24: Environment strategy

04/07: Release management

04/21: CI/CD & version control

05/05: Testing