Sandbox Seeding for Admins 101: Salesforce Test Data in Your Sandboxes

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Salesforce Sandboxes are critical to any sophisticated Salesforce change management strategy.  Being able to make changes without the risk of causing a production break is priceless. 

But what happens when you make your change in a sandbox and have no ability to know whether the change will work with production-level data? 

Introducing Sandbox Seeding:

Sandbox Seeding is the best way to migrate Salesforce test data from production to a sandbox while masking any PII data.

Join us and our friends at Salesforce Ben for this on-demand webinar. You’ll learn why test data can be hard to come by in Salesforce—and how you can get production-grade data where you need it when you need it.

Christine Marshall
Salesforce MVP, Salesforce Ben

J Manning
Director of Solution Engineering, Prodly


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