Accelerate ROI on Salesforce Billing

Salesforce Billing is a helpful and powerful tool to streamline your billing process; however, reference data within this application needs to be updated regularly to reduce the risk of billing errors. If the reference data is out of date, your sales and billing teams are forced to make manual changes—that’s only if they’re aware of the error.

This is why Prodly and Advanced Technology Group, A Cognizant Company (ATG) have launched a new AppOps Toolkit for Salesforce Billing to help Salesforce admins prevent these errors with AppOps’ lightning fast deployment capabilities and duplicate record prevention measures.

Watch the webinar to learn how to:

  • Reduce the risk of billing errors
  • Maintain key reference data in Salesforce Billing
  • Ensure accurate bills
  • Avoid pitfalls of manually deploying Billing reference data between orgs

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