Agile Release Management

Best practices for Salesforce admins

Responding quickly to changes in the market requires immense time and attention that admins no longer have the luxury to provide. Release management is a process that spans across all stages of development. Whether you are testing, QA, deploying software through different environments to verify a functional build, or scheduling a release of a production already built, having a proper set of business operating procedures in place should be a must.

Join Prodly’s Product Manager, Stephen Crane, to see how applying the concepts and strategies of agile development help you to manage Salesforce new features releases and respond to change requests faster while reducing user support requests post production. Better yet, automate the whole process to remove all human error and transform your business into an agile machine.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Make more frequent and smaller product releases
  • Shorten response times to changes in requirements and/or priorities
  • Reduce post production support due to inherent quality assurance
  • Have fewer defects
  • Reduce overall costs

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