Introducing AppOps Test

Regression testing for Salesforce CPQ

Tired of CPQ breaking after Salesforce’s automatic upgrades or a seemingly unrelated change? Say hello to AppOps Test and goodbye to hotfixes and fire drills.

AppOps Test is the first-of-its-kind regression testing engine for Salesforce CPQ. Unlike click player testing that tests layouts and clickflows, AppOps Test validates that the underlying configuration of CPQ is still working as expected. So you can be confident your CPQ calculations are correct, price rules are working, and quote lines return the expected value.

Join us to learn how to:

  • Detect issues in your CPQ configuration before they are introduced into production
  • Incorporate automatic testing into your release readiness process
  • Report on test cases to instantly see passes and failures – and fix bugs
  • Test complex CPQ logic and data integrity

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