Salesforce Culture Shift: Proactively driving innovation

With special guests: Tara Jordahl, Manager II CPQ ,and Cullen Combs, Business Systems Admin, at SPS Commerce


As a small team with limited capacity, SPS Commerce’s admin team knew they wouldn’t meet goals by just working harder—they needed to work a lot smarter.

Join us on Oct 21st as we sit down Tara Jordahl and Cullen Combs to talk about how they successfully built an innovation-driven culture and how they’re collaborating with peers to automate change management across the organization.

Register to learn how to:

  • Transform from a team of doers to a team of strategic advisors who can lead business change
  • Leverage a change management platform to exceed goals
  • Automate up to 80% of the release cycle
  • Take back control of the release cycle and get more out of your sprints
  • Support a large user base in a complex org with a small (only 2 or 3 people) admin team


Who should attend:

  • Architects, Release Managers, and Admins who want to take back control of their Salesforce release cycle
  • Anyone with a pet peeve for mistakes in production
  • Salesforce teams that that wish they had more capacity

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