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Sales Force CPQ Automation: The Game Changer!

Sean Crowley

Chief Revenue Officer

May 6, 2023

Easily Maintain Salesforce CPQ Object Dependencies

In this blog, we’ll explain how we’ve fine-tuned our Sales Force CPQ automation to deliver exceptional results. It can help you make changes to config data faster, maintain CPQ object dependencies during deployments, and accelerate the release management process while minimizing errors.

Salesforce CPQ Deployment Automation: A Game Changer

Sales Force CPQ game changer road signs – a visual representation of the revolutionary impact of Salesforce CPQ automation on the sales process.

As the founder of SteelBrick (now Salesforce CPQ), our CEO Max Rudman has always been a trailblazer in the configure price quote software market for Salesforce. When he developed CPQ deployment automation, his groundbreaking innovation revolutionized the way businesses handle their CPQ processes. And since then, Prodly has become an essential tool for Salesforce admins, release managers, developers, and solution architects.

With the introduction of Salesforce CPQ deployment automation, manual and time-consuming tasks associated with CPQ deployments have become a thing of the past. Salesforce admins and release managers can now deploy CPQ packages with ease. The automation reduces the chance of errors and ensures a seamless transition from one stage of the release process to the next.

Developers and solution architects also reap the benefits of CPQ deployment automation. They can now focus on more strategic tasks, such as optimizing the CPQ tool for specific business needs.

Prodly has transformed the CPQ landscape—and is nothing short of a game changer for businesses that rely on Salesforce. By automating the deployment process, our app has significantly improved efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration among Salesforce teams.

At the same time, the entire Salesforce CPQ team can be more responsive to its business users. As a result, the sales team can configure quotes faster, provide a better customer experience, and drive increased revenue.

In short, Prodly’s Salesforce CPQ deployment automation is an indispensable tool in the modern sales ecosystem.

Benefits of Automating CPQ Deployments for Salesforce

The implementation of deployment automation for configure, price quote tools offers businesses a plethora of benefits that streamline their sales processes and improve overall efficiency.

The primary advantages of automating CPQ deployment include accelerated changes to configuration data, reduced manual errors, and increased process velocity.

Deploy Changes Faster

As the leading Salesforce CPQ release management automation tool, Prodly allows Salesforce teams to deploy and implement changes faster. As a result, sales teams can respond to customer inquiries more swiftly.

Prodly achieves this acceleration by leveraging predefined templates to automatically deploy all changes in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually.

This reduces the Salesforce team’s workload—plus, it empowers the sales team to close deals faster, which increases overall revenue.

Fewer Manual Errors

Another key advantage of deployment automation for configure, price, quote tools is the reduction of manual errors. With manual work, human error is inevitable, especially when dealing with complex configurations. 

Automation minimizes the risk of errors that could cause delays in the release process—and even result in lost sales opportunities.

Enhanced Velocity

Deployment automation for CPQ enhances the velocity of the change management process, which is essential for businesses operating in competitive markets. An expedited release management process creates a domino effect, as it allows the sales team respond more rapidly to evolving market conditions, customer demands, and competitor actions.

Features of Our CPQ Release Management Platform

Our cutting-edge Salesforce CPQ deployment automation offers a multitude of innovative features that streamline the release management process, while ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and overall ease of use.

Automation That Preserves CPQ Object Dependencies

One of the most noteworthy features of our platform is CPQ deployment automation that ensures the preservation of CPQ object dependencies throughout the deployment process. 

This is particularly beneficial, as it reduces the risk of errors and inconsistencies that may arise due to manual intervention. By automating this crucial aspect, our platform allows for a smoother, more reliable deployment experience, which ultimately leads to increased productivity and superior results.

Guided Deployments

In addition to CPQ deployment automation, our platform features guided deployments. These provide users with step-by-step instructions to ensure successful execution of deployment tasks. 

This feature is indispensable for release managers and other team members who seek to optimize the deployment process, as it minimizes the need for extensive training and expertise. With guided deployments, even the most complex deployment scenarios become manageable.

Deployment Plan Templates

Another time-saving feature our CPQ release management platform offers is the use of deployment plan templates. These templates facilitate quick and efficient deployments for the CPQ data model, which enables users to significantly reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks and manual data migration.

A Real-Life Example of Successful CPQ Release Management Automation

A leading provider of restaurant management solutions leveraged Prodly  to overcome the challenges associated with manual deployment processes. Thanks to our robust platform, the company was able to streamline its Salesforce CPQ deployment process. This enabled it to efficiently and accurately manage a high volume of changes to customer pricing and product configurations.

With Prodly, the company achieved remarkable improvements in both deployment speed and reliability. Thanks to our deployment plan templates and guided deployments, it managed to significantly reduce the time spent on manual tasks. In addition, it experienced a significant increase in accuracy.

Moreover, Prodly’s built-in change tracking feature ensures SOX compliance throughout the release process. As a result, the company’s business systems team was able to navigate a routine external SOX audit with ease. Learn more.

The Importance of Maintaining CPQ Object Dependencies During Deployments

The Salesforce CPQ data model is extremely complex. This complexity is caused by the intricate relationships between objects and Salesforce object dependencies

The management of these object dependencies play a critical role in the Salesforc CPQ deployment process. Modifications to such complex objects can pose a significant challenge, as even minor adjustments can have wide-ranging consequences for multiple objects. 

Unfortunately, CPQ’s complexity can slow down the development and release of new features or updates. And when the release process lags behind, the sales team may not receive requested modifications in a timely manner. This delay can hinder their ability to adapt to changing market conditions or customer needs, which can result in frustration and a decline in overall sales performance.

Without Prodly, teams need a deep understanding of the CPQ data model, its various components, and how they interconnect. This requires a considerable amount of training and experience. 

To mitigate this challenge, Prodly is designed to ensure the integrity of these dependencies to streamline deployments, as well as prevent bugs and delays. 

When you want to deploy a change in Salesforce CPQ, Prodly automatically selects all relevant dependencies. This innovative approach eliminates the need for users to possess a comprehensive understanding of the CPQ data model. 

Instead, with just a few clicks, they can select the desired changes for deployment—and Prodly handles the underlying complexities. This enables a smoother, more efficient deployment process, ultimately leading to bug-free releases and a more robust Salesforce CPQ environment.

Harness the Power of Sales Force CPQ Automation With Prodly

Clearly, Prodly’s Salesforce CPQ release management automation has revolutionized the configure, price, quote process.

By automating complex tasks and providing tools such as guided deployments and deployment plan templates, Prodly empowers Salesforce teams to respond to business users’ change requests faster.

This in turn enables the sales team to respond more effectively to customer needs and market conditions, which ultimately drives increased revenue and customer satisfaction. 

Prodly’s innovative solution provides a powerful toolset for streamlining CPQ release management. As such, it’s essential for every business seeking to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.


What is Salesforce CPQ deployment automation?
Salesforce CPQ deployment automation is software that streamlines and accelerates the configure, price, quote process within the Salesforce platform by eliminating manual labor.

Why is maintaining object dependencies in the Salesforce CPQ data model important?
Maintaining object dependencies in the Salesforce CPQ data model is critical to minimizing errors and delays during the release management process.

How does automating configure, price, quote tools benefit businesses?
Automating configure, price, quote tools can lead to reduced manual errors and enhanced process velocity, which ultimately can improve overall sales performance.


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