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Prodly: The Salesforce ALM Solution for Tech Companies

Shanon Moerland

June 29, 2023

8 Reasons Why You Need Prodly in the Tech Industry

In the tech industry, speed, efficiency, and agility are paramount. That’s why you need a fast, reliable, and compliant way to manage changes to your CRM. Prodly is the market-leading Salesforce ALM solution that can help you achieve all these goals. Here are eight reasons why you need Prodly for your tech company.

Employees in a tech company discussing their Salesforce ALM solution.

1. Enhance Velocity and Agility. Increase Revenue.

When it comes to data-powered apps with complex dependencies, inefficiencies and mistakes all too often slow down your Salesforce ALM process—and your sales cycle.

Prodly’s automation reduces deployment times by 80%. You can do in just hours what would otherwise take days to complete. It also provides instant data seeding, source control for data, compliance features, org sync, and org compare capabilities that both accelerate and bulletproof your change management process. 

Get changes into your end users’ hands faster, increase business agility, and take advantage of every opportunity that comes along to drive revenue.

2. Maximize Your Salesforce ROI

Do you use a consumption-based pricing model? Are your sales B2B or B2C? No matter what business model or Salesforce app you use, we’ve got your back. We’re the gold standard for data-powered applications! We provide deployment plan templates for:

  • Salesforce CPQ & Billing
  • Conga Composer
  • FinancialForce PSA
  • TaskRay
  • Kaptio
  • Continuous Usage Consumption Revenue Models
  • Advanced Approvals
  • B2B Commerce
  • Salesforce Field Service

Save hours on deployments, let your team focus on higher-value work, empower your business users—and maximize your Salesforce ROI.

3. Effortless Compliance

If you’re a fast-growing tech company, you need to prepare for SOX compliance before your IPO. At the same time, you have to adhere to privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA, and possibly to industry-specific requirements like HIPAA. 

Prodly is the only Salesforce ALM solution that provides a comprehensive suite of compliance features, including:

  • Powerful change tracking capabilities
  • Access permissions at the environment level to enforce segregation of duties
  • Data masking and granular data redaction to ensure data protection and privacy

With Prodly, you can confidently meet regulatory requirements—without ever sacrificing operational efficiency.

4. Lightning-Fast Environment Setup

Environment setup for data-powered applications can take up as much as 20 to 30% of the sprint cycle. But when you’re implementing a new billing model, for example, or adding a new SKU, there’s no way around it: You need to test rigorously before going live. 

Prodly’s instant sandbox seeding solution and 1-click scratch orgs virtually eliminate the time spent on org preparation. Plus, they populate the orgs with data replicated from production. Give everyone on the team their own production-grade environment to work in—and watch what happens:

  1. instant org setup + higher-quality test data =
  2. substantial time savings + less time debugging =
  3. increased velocity + increased revenue =
  4. business growth

5. Increased Uptime, Less Risk

Business needs change quickly—and that’s especially true in the fast-paced tech industry. That means Salesforce admins need to be able to move quickly, without fear of breaking something and causing unplanned downtime—during which business grinds to a halt.

Prodly provides integrations for version control systems so you always have the ability to roll back changes, which reduces your risk considerably.

In addition, our sandbox management capabilities allow you to sync data and metadata in your environments without waiting on a refresh. Now, you can keep your whole team working with your most recent configurations. Minimize code conflicts, maximize code quality, ensure that the changes you deploy work the way you want—and maximize uptime.

6. Agile Response to Rapid Expansion

As a tech company, you’re probably experiencing explosive growth or geographical expansion. So you frequently have to reconfigure your Salesforce instance to accommodate new sales strategies, territory divisions, or target markets. And you have to do this without interrupting the existing sales process.

You’ve already learned you can skyrocket your deployments with Prodly. But what’s even better is that you can also schedule deployments to occur outside of peak hours. This minimizes downtime in a sector where time truly is money. Nice, right?

7. Streamline Mergers and Acquisitions

The tech industry is one of the most active when it comes to mergers and acquisitions. During an M&A, you have to merge customer data, realign business processes, and integrate multiple Salesforce instances. This is a painstaking process. 

Prodly allows you to quickly and efficiently navigate your org consolidation. And that’s critical in the time-sensitive post-merger integration phase when you need to get operations up and running.

8. Innovative, SME-Endorsed Apps

Do you involve non-technical subject matter experts—or citizen developers—in app development to enhance the quality, functionality, and user experience of your applications?

Then, like many trailblazing tech companies that build apps on the Salesforce platform, you can benefit from using Prodly. Our low-code/no-code solution is easy to use for non-technical users while being robust enough for developers. It democratizes Salesforce app development—and helps you fine-tune your apps with input from your SMEs.

Optimize Your Tech Business Operations With a Robust Salesforce ALM Solution

In the rapidly-evolving tech industry, staying ahead isn’t just about innovation—it’s about agile responsiveness and efficient operations. It’s about maximizing the value of your assets and ensuring compliance without sacrificing performance. 

As you gear up for growth or tackle the intricacies of an M&A, remember that the right Salesforce ALM solution can be a game changer. You’ve found that game changer in Prodly. Put it to work—and watch as it skyrockets your tech business to a whole new level.


What should I consider when choosing a Salesforce ALM solution for my tech company?

Speed, efficiency, ease of use, integration capabilities, and compliance features are all important aspects to consider. It’s also beneficial if the solution can handle integrations, accommodate rapid growth and expansion, and manage complex dependencies.

How can an effective ALM solution impact the ROI of my Salesforce investment?

An effective Salesforce ALM solution can significantly enhance the ROI of your Salesforce investment by accelerating your change management process and making it compliant. This enhances velocity and agility, which in turn drives revenue. 

What role does a Salesforce ALM solution play in M&As within the tech industry?

Mergers and acquisitions often involve the integration of multiple Salesforce instances, as well as the realignment of business processes. An effective ALM solution can streamline this process, ensuring a smooth and efficient consolidation of operations after the merger.


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