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Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud Implementation Made Easy

Hayley Coxon

VP of Marketing
Hayley Coxon is the Vice President of Marketing and Revenue Operations for Prodly and accidental admin since 2010. You can find her on LinkedIn.

November 19, 2019

Prodly and Docmation have developed a new Prodly Toolkit for Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud. The toolkit is purpose built to help admins follow DevOps best practices by making deployments and migrations efficient and secure. 


Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud

Challenges With Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud

Organizations are increasingly looking to engage more customers, scale their businesses, and tailor their products and services to a demanding clientele. B2B buyers’ expectations are more closely mirroring those of consumers. To meet these demands, many businesses are investing in Salesforce’s B2B Commerce.

Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud  is a powerful, highly-customizable, and complex platform. However, without DevOps tools to insure success, businesses may not realize the return they expect from their investment. 

DevOps for Salesforce B2B Commerce

Prodly and Docmation understand these client needs and partnered to develop a new Prodly Release Toolkit for Salesforce B2B Commerce. 

Users must properly map and update configuration data to reduce the risk of errors and increase solution’s effectiveness. With the Prodly Release Toolkit, Salesforce admins can easily follow DevOps best practices to efficiently and securely deploy and migrate data.

The Toolkit Developers

Junaid Mohammed worked with Dave “Stuff” Stufflebeam to develop the toolkit. 

Junaid is Docmation’s Lead Salesforce Architect and has over 14 years of programming and Salesforce expertise. In addition to his certifications, he has configured and implemented Salesforce B2B Commerce for multiple clients. 

Stuff, Prodly’s Product Manager for Solutions, is a configuration data deployment expert and trainer. He co-developed the Prodly toolkits for Salesforce CPQ, Billing, and Field Service Lightning applications. He’s also trained hundreds of Salesforce architects, admins, and consultants on managing and deploying reference data in those applications.

The Prodly Release Toolkit for Salesforce B2B Commerce

The Prodly Release Toolkit for Salesforce B2B Commerce includes resources to help companies implement, launch, and manage the application. 

Prodly customers save days of manual, error-prone processes when deploying configuration changes for Salesforce CPQ, Billing, FSL and custom apps. B2B Commerce presents the same complexity of configuration data and inefficiencies when it comes to updating it. That’s why Prodly and Docmation are excited to bring the same benefits to B2B Commerce customers.

“We’re thrilled to help B2B Commerce customers drive agility in their businesses and improve ROI. Our toolkit does this by reducing the burden of maintenance and enabling more frequent updates. Prodly’s grateful to Docmation for their partnership and invaluable expertise in the B2B Commerce application.”

Want to learn more about Prodly’s Salesforce B2B Commerce Toolkit?  Check out reviews on the Salesforce AppExchange and G2, or request a demo.

Interested in learning more about Docmation and Salesforce B2B Commerce? Visit Docmation’s page or

About Docmation

Docmation is a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner, particularly focused on implementing robust Salesforce communities and B2B E-Commerce. Over 10+ years, the Docmation team has serviced more than 200 clients. Their focus is on quality, communication, customer satisfaction, and tech-savvy culture. The Docmation team comprises more than 60 certified Salesforce experts.

About Prodly

Prodly is a Salesforce ISV Partner dedicated to making Salesforce administrators and developers more productive. Our flagship product, Prodly, enables one-click deployment of configuration data between Salesforce orgs. Over 120 companies across the globe leverage Prodly to embrace business agility and efficiently manage their Salesforce low-code applications.


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