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Streamline Your Salesforce Task Management

Joe Marshall

Sr. Manager, Demand Generation

June 14, 2023

Meet the New Prodly-Azure Boards Integration

Salesforce task management used to be a headache—but with the new Prodly-Azure Boards Integration, it doesn’t have to be. This integration offers effortless syncing; 360° visibility of the what, when, why, and who of every deployment; and an automatic audit trail built in. Curious to learn more? Let’s take a closer look.

Painless Work Management for Salesforce Releases

Many of you have been asking for an easy and quick way to link work items from Azure Boards to your deployments in Prodly. And we listened. Our latest Salesforce task management integration makes navigating through a project’s deployment history painless.

Salesforce task management with the Prodly-Azure Boards Integration.

Effortless Syncing

How many times have you had to toggle back and forth between applications—while trying to not lose track and make mistakes? Well, this tedious busy work is a thing of the past. 

The Prodly-Azure Boards Integration automatically syncs work items with deployments so you don’t have to. Just link a work item to a deployment, and proceed as usual. What’s more: After deploying, you can review the origins, business need, and approval history of change at a single glance… all within the Prodly UI. 

Now you can enjoy an effortless, unified change tracking process that gives you 360° visibility of all your deployments from a single pane of glass. Just think about the time and hassle you can save—not to mention how much more accurately you can work. You’re welcome.

Automatic Audit Trail

Our reliable change tracking automation also ensures you have detailed documentation of every work item associated with a specific deployment. (Yes, you can add more than one work item to a deployment. Nice, right?) 

No need to worry anymore when it’s time for your annual audit—you’ve got a built-in audit trail at your fingertips. Sit back, and let us do the heavy lifting.

Boost Efficiency and Reduce Risk

If you’re looking to boost efficiency and reduce risk (and who isn’t?), the Prodly-Azure Boards Integration for Salesforce task management is right for you. Work faster and smarter—and shine like the superstar you are!

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