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Streamline Salesforce implementations

Streamlining Salesforce CPQ Implementations

Streamlining Salesforce CPQ and other complex Salesforce® platform-based applications is what Prodly does best. That’s why Simplus has become the first Salesforce integration partner to join Prodly’s new partner program. By enabling faster and smoother Salesforce CPQ implementations, Prodly helps partners offer their customers a more cost-efficient service.

Leading Revenue Cloud Partner Integrates Prodly Deployment Solution

Simplus, a Platinum-level Salesforce integration partner based in Sandy, Utah, is the first organization to join the Prodly partner program. The agreement calls for Simplus to integrate Prodly’s relational data migration application into its implementation and post-implementation client handoff process.

David Belove, CEO of Prodly, said he’s excited and proud to kick off the new Prodly partner program with Simplus.

“We look forward to working with the entire Simplus team,” Belove said. “By using Prodly to implement Salesforce CPQ and Billing, Simplus will demonstrate the value of Prodly to hundreds of sophisticated Salesforce customers.”

Simplus’ decision to use Prodly demonstrates the importance of efficient, reliable relational data migration for complex native Salesforce applications like Salesforce CPQ, Billing, and Field Service Lightning.

Lance Evanson, EVP of Business Development at Simplus, said this partnership will help Simplus deliver a more complete, efficient, and higher-quality service to its clients.

“Prodly will enable us to reduce implementation cycles and use our valuable developer resources more efficiently,” Evanson said. “Equipping our clients with Prodly will help ensure they can successfully maintain their new applications after the handoff.”

Streamline Salesforce implementations

Streamlining Salesforce CPQ Reference Data Deployment

Prodly’s powerful data migration software will significantly reduce the time it takes Simplus to migrate Salesforce CPQ and Billing data. It will save hundreds of hours in project time. 

Simplus’ implementation teams will be able to easily migrate client product catalogs with thousands of products, price rules, and price rule entries. Prodly replaces the time-consuming and tedious manual migration process involved in using Data Loader and spreadsheets.

Unlike using Data Loader, Prodly’s data sets can be saved and reused over and over again. This will accelerate Simplus’ implementations. It will enable the Simplus Salesforce CPQ and Billing implementation teams to refine their best practices regarding relational data migration.

Simplus also plans to use and has helped validate Prodly’s new Salesforce CPQ data set templates. 

Gilles Muys is VP of Customer Solutions at Simplus and sits on the Prodly technical advisory panel. He was instrumental in advancing Prodly’s features set and CPQ template review process. This suite of 16 templates has been preconfigured to migrate Salesforce CPQ data. The result is that they eliminate hours of work to configure Prodly data sets for this popular application.

Implementing a Scalable Data Migration Process

BY streamlining Salesforce CPQ implementations, Prodly improves the scalability, reliability, and repeatability of the development and maintenance process for complex reference data.

Prodly is designed to support SIs and Salesforce customers with large development teams using its new centrally controlled deployment architecture. This feature supports data migration for multiple clients and multiple projects from a single instance of Prodly.