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Templates simplify Salesforce CPQ data migration

Tori Bealer

November 5, 2017

Anyone who has tried to manually migrate the 45 Salesforce® CPQ reference data objects from staging to production knows how fiendishly difficult it is. The biggest challenge is remapping the lookup relationships among records in the destination org. Going back and forth with a data loader and spreadsheet is extremely tedious.

Prodly Moover is purpose-built to solve this issue. It automatically reestablishes the source record relationships in the destination org. But there are still other challenges to quick and easy CPQ Salesforce data migration.

Building a Moover data set that involves dozens of CPQ reference data objects is still time-consuming, even for a CPQ expert. First time around, it can take a week or two to perfect a Moover data set for CPQ reference data migration. This is time that most implementation consultants and in-house CPQ Salesforce admins would much rather spend on other things.

Another issue is establishing external IDs for every object to support updating records without creating duplicates. CPQ does not come with external IDs, leaving implementation teams to fend for themselves.

So what to do? How about using our new pre-configured Moover data set templates specifically designed for Salesforce CPQ? You’ll save a ton of time and avoid errors.

The solution: CPQ data migration templates from Prodly

Over the past month, with the help of Gilles Muys (the former head of professional services at SteelBrick, and now VP of Customer Solutions at Simplus, a Salesforce CPQ implementation specialist) and CPQ demo data provided by the Salesforce CPQ demo team (thanks, Steve Ecker and Sean Crowe!), Prodly has created and tested a suite of 16 data set templates that cover every aspect of Salesforce CPQ’s reference data – all 45 objects. These templates are available at no charge to any Moover user.

The templates are easily accessed from GitHub or they can be downloaded as a zip file from the Prodly Resources Page on our website.

They use the standard JSON file format and can be imported into Moover with a few clicks. Once installed, you’ll see that all of the object relationships have been preconfigured and composite external IDs assigned to every object.

We have also developed the Moover Salesforce CPQ Data Migration Guide, a comprehensive document that provides a detailed explanation of how the data sets are configured.

For more details about the templates, get a demo.