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Why You Need Prodly in Life Sciences and Healthcare

Shanon Moerland

August 3, 2023

5 Reasons to Use Prodly for Salesforce ALM

Improving patient outcomes is the ultimate goal for life sciences and healthcare companies—and innovation plays a critical role in achieving this. However, innovation involves the frequent adjustment of your Salesforce instance to match new products and services. Here are five ways Prodly helps.

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1. Improve Your Compliance Posture

Navigating regulations can feel like walking through a minefield. Nonetheless, ensuring compliance isn’t just a nice-to-have—it’s a requirement. 

Prodly’s automation for Salesforce ALM makes complying with regulations a breeze. Automatic change tracking, org monitoring, and documentation features allow you to easily generate a detailed audit report with just a few clicks. You can effortlessly prove segregation of duties and adherence to a formal change management process

Plus, our data masking and obfuscation features ensure data protection in the application lifecycle management process. Ensure high-quality changes—without ever compromising data privacy or integrity.

Easily remain in compliance, maintain operational velocity, and redirect your focus towards growth and innovation.

2. Accelerate Innovation

Innovation is key to enhancing your competitive advantage. The better you can meet your patients’ and customers’ needs, the better your business outcomes. But in Salesforce, the pace of innovation is often delivered by the speed of your change management process. 

This is where Prodly truly shines. Our low-code/no-code automation capabilities frees up your development team from manual tasks so they can focus on more strategic initiatives to deliver better patient and customer experiences. From 1-click scratch org setup and sandbox seeding to data migration and regression testing for Salesforce CPQ, you can deploy changes with lightning speed—80% faster!

Skyrocket your innovation, give your patients and customers what they need—and leave the competition in the dust.

3. Increase Revenue With Faster Time to Market

Time to market can mean the difference between being a leader and being one of the pack. With Prodly, you can halve the time to release new item pricing. This means your sales team can start selling faster—and you can capture more revenue!

Our platform automates and expedites several key steps in the application lifecycle management process. Automated sandbox management, version control, regression testing, deployments, and compliance minimize development times, which means you can get new pricing into your sales team’s hands in no time at all.

Help your sales team move faster, get an instant leg up on the competition, and boost your bottom line.

4. Increase Agility

Being nimble is crucial in life sciences and healthcare. You never know when you might have to respond to a new health crisis, adapt to new technologies, or adjust to any curve balls thrown your way by policy reforms.

With Prodly powering your Salesforce ALM, you can react swiftly to changes in your specific sector—without compromising on quality or efficiency. Our platform facilitates operational agility so you can be more responsive to the dynamic needs of patients and regulators alike. And that leads to better outcomes all around.

Adapt quickly, uphold quality, and confidently move forward in your rapidly-changing industry.

5. Reduce Costs

Reducing operational costs is always critical. But you don’t want budget cuts to negatively impact efficiency. 

Prodly steps up to this challenge effortlessly. Our automation minimizes manual labor in ALM, which drastically cuts down on costs. On top of that, easy audit report generation saves your team’s time and effort—adding another layer of cost effectiveness while minimizing the financial risk of noncompliance.

Slash operational costs, pump up efficiency, and free up resources to focus on what truly matters—enhancing patient and customer outcomes.

Improve Outcomes in Life Sciences and Healthcare

Prodly’s ripple effect extends beyond your Salesforce change management process. By accelerating your ALM process, cutting costs, and bolstering compliance, we create the space for you to enhance patient and customer experiences. And when you succeed in that endeavor, you’ll see the business outcomes you’re looking for.


What is the value of a quick time to market?

A quick time to market (TTM) means that your sales team can sell new products and services faster. This helps increase revenue capture and improves your competitive positioning. Learn more about TTM.

What are the consequences of noncompliance in healthcare and life sciences?

Noncompliance with regulations like HIPAA can result in data breaches, legal penalties, steep fines, and reputational damage. 

How can I reduce costs in Salesforce ALM without negatively impacting efficiency?

You can implement automation to minimize manual labor and optimize processes, which allows you to maximize your resources.


Prodly Compliance Center

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