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Why You Need Prodly in the Communications Industry

Shanon Moerland

July 13, 2023

8 Ways for Communications Companies to Optimize Salesforce ALM

Velocity, agility, and customer experience are the name of the game in the communications industry. To be competitive, you need the ability to manage changes to your CRM at the speed of business. With Prodly’s market-leading ALM solution for Salesforce, Salesforce change management becomes effortless. Here are eight reasons why you need Prodly for your communications company.

A city that’s virtually connected referencing the communications industry.

1. Move Faster—and Drive Revenue

Data-centric apps with complex dependencies—like Salesforce CPQ—are difficult to navigate. Their inherent lack of efficiency—which often results in bugs—can slow down your release cycle considerably. And when your release cycle slows down, it affects your sales team’s ability to respond quickly to prospects. 

Few people have a deeper understanding of data-centric Salesforce apps than our CEO, Max Rudman, the founder of SteelBrick, which later became Salesforce CPQ. That’s why Prodly was the first company to develop a data deployment solution for Salesforce—one that reduces deployment times by an astounding 80%! Projects that used to take days now take just a few hours—at most.

We also offer state-of-the-art automated data seeding, source control for data, and compliance features. Plus, we offer org syncing (for data and metadata) and org compare (for metadata) capabilities.

Gain visibility and control over releases, complete change requests faster, and empower your sales team to seize every opportunity that comes their way!

2. Accelerate Speed to Market

In communications, it’s essential to give customers what they want—when they want it. But there’s a big difference between having the physical infrastructure to offer ultra-fast internet packages and being ready to sell those packages, for example. Why? Because you still need to get all those new SKUs in your CRM and ready to go.

Our automation for Salesforce ALM makes it fast and easy to develop, test, deploy, and monitor changes or new features. With Prodly, it’s easy to delight your customers with the latest communications trends and technologies. 

What’s more: Our low-code/no-code solutions are specifically designed for admins and other business users. That means admins can do more of the heavy lifting and unburden developers, who then have more time for more strategic and impactful initiatives. 

With Prodly, you don’t have to worry about missing deadlines. Just focus on what you do best—and let our automation do the rest.

3. Enhance the Customer Experience

The communications industry is vital to today’s business and personal life. Businesses need to be connected 24/7. People want to be connected 24/7. And when customers need to interact with your company, they want super-fast service and an outstanding customer experience. 

Our automation drives a fast and reliable release pipeline. This agility lets your business respond more quickly to market demands so you can always offer your customers what they want. You can enhance the CX, increase customer acquisition, improve customer retention—and drive organizational growth.

4. Navigate Changing Regulatory Requirements

Privacy regulations—like Section 222 of the Communications Act, as well as GDPR and CCPA—are paramount in the communications industry. On top of that, if you’re a publicly-traded company, you’re subject to SOX regulations. Complying with these regulations in your CRM is complicated enough—without having to worry about compliance in the release process.

That’s why we developed Compliance Center.

Compliance Center is the only Salesforce ALM solution that gives you 360° visibility over your change management process—plus the ability to quickly generate audit reports. When combined with our core product, it provides:

  • Data masking and data obfuscation
  • Desktop-free data migration for minimized risk
  • Robust change tracking features
  • Effortless audit reports
  • 24/7 org monitoring
  • Access permissions at the environment level

5. Maximize Efficiency—and Your ROI

Communications companies are no strangers to the complexities of apps for continuous usage consumption revenue models or field service operations. As the #1 solution for data-powered Salesforce applications, we offer deployment plan templates for:

  • Continuous Usage Consumption Revenue Models
  • Salesforce Field Service
  • Salesforce CPQ & Billing
  • B2B Commerce
  • Advanced Approvals
  • Conga Composer
  • FinancialForce PSA
  • TaskRay
  • And more!

Complete deployments in a fraction of the time, take on more meaningful projects—and give your sales team the agility they need.

6. Minimize Downtime

Downtime is bad for business. Unplanned downtime is the worst. Everything grinds to a halt, which makes your business users and your customers unhappy. And when your customers aren’t happy, you’ve got a problem.

Nonetheless, your Salesforce team needs to be able to deploy changes and features without worrying about breaking anything. Prodly offers integrations for data version control—which means you can quickly and easily roll back any changes that don’t function as planned. It’s like having a safety net for Salesforce CPQ and other apps with complex relational data (which are always the ones that are most challenging). 

Planned downtime is only slightly better. It’s frustrating for your team to have to sit around waiting during a sandbox refresh. That’s why our sandbox management capabilities allow you to sync data and metadata in your environments without doing a full refresh. Your team can keep working with the most recent configurations and data—which results in fewer code conflicts, higher-quality code, and changes that work the way you want them to the first time.

7. Maximize Your Resources

Are your developers spending more time on busy work like environment setup and creating test data than on actual development work? And do they regularly spend hours resolving issues further in the pipeline because a configuration that worked in dev doesn’t work in integration?

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of having high-quality development and test environments. But setting them up manually is a hassle—plus, it takes forever. 

With our 1-click scratch orgs and instant sandbox seeding solution, you can set up production-grade environments in the blink of an eye. Instead of using test data created manually or with a script, you get data that’s the exact same as the data in your production org.

Now you can give every developer their own org. That means fewer conflicts and do-overs, higher-quality code, a faster sprint cycle, and happier business users.

8. Scale Quickly and Easily

Business growth is always a priority. But how often do you think about scaling your systems to enable that growth? With Prodly, you don’t have to worry. Our solutions are specifically designed to expand with your organization so you never have to worry about the capacity of your release pipeline. 

Start small and grow big. Start big and grow even bigger. Whatever your goals are, Prodly’s here to help—every step of the way.

The Path to Optimal Performance in the Communications Industry

In the rapidly evolving communications landscape, you need solutions that allow you to be nimble and responsive. Prodly’s ALM solution helps you increase speed, improve efficiency, and enhance your customer experience. It provides the best-in-breed automation tools you need to support your business, now and in the future. 

With Prodly, you can free your operations from time-consuming, error-prone manual processes and instead, advance confidently to a future where your company’s potential is fully realized.


What are some strategies to increase the speed of CRM change management?

The best way to accelerate change management is to use automation and low-code/no-code tools. Automation can significantly reduce the time needed for deployments and other tasks in the release process. Plus, low-code/no-code tools are more accessible than pro-code tools, so you can assign admins duties they’d otherwise have to wait for a developer to perform.

How can my communications company enhance customer experience while complying with regulatory requirements?

While it’s challenging to balance customer experience and regulations, it becomes much easier when you automate the entire application lifecycle management process—including compliance. A tool like Prodly Compliance Center facilitates quick changes that are made while adhering to regulations. By using Prodly, you can meet your customers’ needs promptly and at the same time ensure all changes are made within the bounds of privacy and financial regulatory laws. 

What impact does Salesforce downtime have on communications companies?

Salesforce downtime can significantly impact businesses, especially if you rely heavily on the CRM platform for sales, marketing, and more. The disruption of your business operations can lead to lost sales, decreased productivity, increased customer dissatisfaction, and missed opportunities.


Prodly Compliance Center

The gold standard for documenting SOX in Salesforce CPQ!