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DevOps: What Salesforce Admins Need to Know

As a Salesforce administrator, you’re one of the biggest change agents in any organization. But how do you control  your workflow and effectively affect change management? In recent years, Salesforce DevOps has been gaining traction as a way to better manage releases and drive faster innovation.  

While you may think DevOps is more of a category of interest for developers, think again, as there is much more to explore. When implemented correctly, DevOps empowers Salesforce administrators to affect organizational efficiency in a whole new way and enables anyone who has an idea to participate in implementing it. 

Can It Support Me as a Salesforce Administrator?

Allow your perspective to be transformed to fully understanding the benefits of DevOps. Also understand that implementing DevOps starts with a Salesforce Governance strategy surrounding how everyone on your team participates in the flow of change. By defining a strategy for making changes and implementing Salesforce DevOps tools to make it easier to follow the change process you can dramatically increase who gets to participate in the ideation process of change management. 

For many teams, the process of implementation is the daunting part of the process of adoption that causes a bit of anxiety. But rest assured that the pain of not having a tool supporting your change management processes is much greater and over time only leads to a more restrictive, risk averse attitude towards Salesforce release management where only a few people are trusted to participate in the process. DevOps aims to break down these silos and encourage more people to participate in the management of Salesforce. 

Can DevOps Help You Better Support Your Team?

Prodly was designed with the understanding that Salesforce developers and administrators alike want to accelerate the pace of innovation without sacrificing trust. There’s also the opportunity for Salesforce teams to:

  • Foster greater collaboration
  • Create more opportunities for inclusion
  • Develop goals that focus on empowerment
  • Maximize overall growth
  • Clear backlogged projects faster
  • Change your risk stance from risk adverse to willing to experiment

DevOps is centered around helping you build and adopt a culture, mentality and processes that encourage innovation. Being in the driver’s seat means you are able to introduce ideas that help you to sustain your workflows more effectively. 

You’re also able to test those solutions without fear of your team taking a hit to its time and resources. Learning about DevOps as a viable solution for improving your team’s bottom line is a great step.

Can It Help Salesforce Administrators Better Manage Risks?

DevOps has the power to transform your company’s perspective on innovation, risk aversion and inclusiveness. When every member of your team is engaged to ideate within a trusted process with the appropriate safeguards, you can achieve a more robust flow of solutions and opportunities for consistent growth and collaboration. Likewise, when everyone is engaged in spotting and managing risks, the chances of bottlenecks or silos in these situations are significantly reduced and the changes that are promoted to production are more thoroughly tested. 

DevOps addresses this by making it a priority from the strategy development phase. Which is where it should be handled, not when your team is drowning in a sea of requests. 

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