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Abstract image of data replication representing sandbox management automation for Salesforce

13 Signs You Need Sandbox Management Automation for Salesforce

Solve These Problems—and More—With Automation for Salesforce Sandbox Management!

Without sandbox management automation for Salesforce, your release process is highly inefficient—and costly. In this blog, we list 13 signs you need automatic sandbox management. We also explain how it can empower your business and what benefits it offers.

13 Signs You Need Automatic Salesforce Sandbox Management

Abstract image of data replication representing sandbox management automation for Salesforce

Manual sandbox management—or worse, no environment management at all—can be the root of many problems throughout every level of your business. 

Developers keep overwriting each other’s work because they’re working in the same org. The sales team is frustrated because they have to wait too long for changes. And the executives are unhappy with the low performance and productivity.

Sound familiar? And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Check out these 13 signs you need sandbox management automation for Salesforce:

  1. Your C-suite is unhappy because the company isn’t achieving its goals. 
  2. Your sales team isn’t hitting its targets because you can’t deliver the changes they need on time.
  3. You’re spending too much time and resources on a slow, labor-intensive CPQ release process.
  4. You need another Full Copy, Partial Copy, or Developer Pro sandbox—but you can’t validate the expense.
  5. You regularly delay releases—or worse, miss deadlines altogether—due to an inefficient sandbox management strategy.
  6. You dread your weekly one-on-one meetings with your supervisor because your productivity isn’t up to speed.
  7. You never get enough done in a sprint because you waste too much time on non-development work like setting up sandboxes.
  8. You’ve lost count of the number of hours you’ve lost redoing work because another developer sharing the same sandbox overwrote your configurations.
  9. It’s time consuming and difficult to manage access to environments and mask data.
  10. The data in your development environment looks nothing like your production data, which causes issues further on in the release process.
  11. Your testing is subpar because you don’t have the time to create high-quality sample data for your test environments.
  12. You regularly fail to find bugs early in the release pipeline, making them much more expensive to fix later.
  13. You’re constantly having issues with conflict detection and resolution, which gets in the way of deployments.

Considering how much these problems are slowing you and the business down, wouldn’t you like to have a simple solution?

Empower Your Business With Sandbox Management Automation for Salesforce

With sandbox management automation for Salesforce, these issues are a thing of the past. For example, did you know sandbox management delivers direct cost savings?

How? Its sandbox seeding feature lets you turn Developer sandboxes and scratch orgs into production-grade environments! This eliminates the need to buy an additional Full Copy sandbox, Partial Copy sandbox, or Developer Pro sandbox.

Sandbox management automation also delivers indirect cost savings because it streamlines and accelerates the release process. It minimizes the time wasted on non-development work. And because you no longer have to wait on a sandbox refresh, it keeps your Salesforce team productive at all times.

In addition, Salesforce sandbox management automation enhances performance and productivity more than manual processes ever could. This helps drive revenue because it increases velocity significantly. 

Benefits of Automated Sandbox Management in Salesforce

Now you know how the big picture of how sandbox management empowers your business, check out how it solves your day-to-day headaches:

  1. Don’t waste your budget on an expensive Full Copy or Partial Copy sandbox. You can create the exact configurations you need in a lower-level org!
  2. Save time and money on setting up development environments, creating test records, and moving the sample data into the org. Are you a developer who uses Apex scripts to generate test data? Save time and energy on maintaining the scripts, because you don’t need them anymore.
  3. Increase the quality of the work by using data that’s identical to the data in your production environment.
  4. Enhance the quality of your testing with a shift-left approach by testing more frequently from the earliest stages of the development process. 
  5. Cut back on time and costs by catching bugs earlier on in the release process, when they’re easier and more affordable to fix. 
  6. Give everyone on the team their own development environment, and minimize the risk of losing work.
  7. Quickly and easily compare orgs to detect metadata differences. Solve any conflicts before they become an issue during deployment.
  8. Get more done in every sprint because you’re not wasting hours on non-development work.
  9. Meet all your deadlines because you minimize issues and bottlenecks.
  10. Empower your business users with the changes they need—when they need them.

The Best Sandbox Management Tool for Salesforce

Prodly Sandbox Management is the premier environment management solution on the market—and it’s powerful enough for Salesforce CPQ. You can automatically set up, compare, and sync environments in just a few clicks—all from a user-friendly, centralized UI. 

With sensitive data masking capabilities and full control over who can access each environment, you can easily ensure data security. Plus, with our diff view, you can compare the metadata differences between environments at a glance. This allows you to resolve any issues before deployment.

Our sandbox seeding automation provides instant data replication into up to five environments at the same time. And with our 1-click scratch org feature, you can set up production-grade environments—in a flash!

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What is sandbox management in Salesforce?

Salesforce sandbox management is a set of processes you use to set up, manage, compare, and sync orgs to optimize the environments in your pipeline. When properly implemented, these processes enhance efficiency and reduce risk.

What is Salesforce sandbox management automation?

Automated sandbox management for Salesforce is software that eliminates the repetitive manual work involved with setting up, managing, comparing, and syncing environments. This state-of-the-art technology facilitates a faster, more reliable, and more secure release process—especially when combined with a DevOps approach.