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A happy Salesforce admin and developer looking at a monitor to show how Salesforce deployment automation enhances engagement

Salesforce Deployment Automation Enhances Engagement

When it comes to enhancing admin and developer engagement, don’t underestimate the value of Salesforce deployment automation. In this blog, we discuss how Salesforce CI/CD automation helps improve staff morale on your development team. 

Then we share some videos with real life stories of how using Prodly’s automated deployment pipeline tools improved the quality of life for the team at SPS Commerce. Finally, we examine how using our CI CD tools for Salesforce gave them more time for higher-value work.

How Does Salesforce Deployment Automation Improve Admin and Developer Satisfaction?

A happy Salesforce admin and developer looking at a monitor to show how Salesforce deployment automation enhances engagement

According to research by Salesforce, automation is a high priority for 95 percent of IT and engineering leaders. Why? It eliminates repetitive, mind-numbing, manual tasks, which makes employees’ jobs considerably less tedious and more interesting. As a result, it improves staff morale.

In fact, 89 percent of full-time employees report a higher job satisfaction due to workflow automation. Another 84 percent are more satisfied with their company. Moreover, 91 percent agree it saves them time and provides a better work-life balance. 

It follows that Salesforce teams can become more efficient, productive, and happy using deployment automation.

Improved Quality of Life With an Automated Deployment Pipeline

So how does this work? Well, for example, think about using Data Loader to promote a CPQ change up the release pipeline. If the thought alone makes you want to reach for an extra-large black coffee, you’re not alone. 

Fortunately, automation tools in Salesforce like Prodly DevOps let you complete the deployment in 80 percent less time! Better yet—without any errors or do-overs!

That means no more early mornings, late nights, and weekends lost on making sure all the manual sequencing for a deployment is taken care of. You literally get hours back in your day!

Check out this short video to hear how the team at SPS Commerce achieved hassle-free deployments and a better quality of life with our Salesforce automation.

Salesforce CI CD Release Management Enables Higher-Value Work

Building the best CI CD pipeline in Salesforce is critical to establishing streamlined and effective release management. With continuous integration continuous delivery, automation ensures that every change anyone on your team builds, tests, and deploys is based on the most recent version of the code. This results in more successful integrations, fewer bugs in production, and less downtime.

In addition, you deploy changes on a regular basis. This makes the application consistently more useful for users. 

Developed by the team behind Salesforce CPQ, Prodly DevOps is the best CI CD tool for CPQ and other Salesforce apps that are based on config data. Watch this 1-minute video to hear how the SPS Commerce team used our CI/CD automation to accelerate their release management process—and get more time for exciting, innovative work!


What is CI/CD in Salesforce?

CI/CD for Salesforce refers to using automation to continuously move changes through the different stages in your release pipeline. As soon as you approve a change, your Salesforce continuous integration tool merges it into your version control system (Git). This ensures everyone on your team’s working from the latest version, which enhances the chances of successful integration and testing. Learn more about CI/CD in Salesforce.

Continuous delivery describes the practice of releasing small changes at frequent intervals to offer new functionality to your end user as soon as possible. By doing this, you continuously add more value to your application.

Why is automated deployment important in Salesforce?

Salesforce deployment automation is important because it speeds up the release management process considerably. Because it enhances accuracy, it also reduces the risk associated with pushing changes to production. On top of that, low-code/no-code deployment tools like Prodly DevOps allow admins and citizen developers to take on more responsibility in the release management process. Learn more about automating deployments in Salesforce.