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Accelerate Salesforce

Accelerating Salesforce Application Implementations

Prodly, Inc. and Code Zero Consulting have signed a partner agreement aimed at accelerating Salesforce® application implementations. (Code Zero Consulting is now ATG Cognizant.)

Salesforce Partner Accelerating Salesforce Implementations With Prodly

Code Zero is an Atlanta-based Salesforce implementation partner specializing in enterprise-level, complex application implementation projects. Prodly, based in San Francisco, is the creator of the premier data migration application for the Salesforce ecosystem.

Code Zero will use Prodly to develop and install complex reference data sets in applications like Salesforce CPQ and Billing for their clients. Once Code Zero have completed an application implementation project, they’ll train clients to update their reference data with their own instance of Prodly.

Reference data configuration, testing and installation, and metadata configuration are crucial elements of implementation for most complex enterprise applications. Prodly automates this tedious, complicated process, significantly accelerating Salesforce application implementation time. This saves time, eliminates human error, and allows highly-skilled architects and developers to focus on more value-adding activities.

Accelerate Salesforce

Rob Freeland is the Co-Founder and Managing Principal of Solutions of Code Zero. He explains they decided to partner with Prodly after successfully using the tool for several client projects over the past year. “Prodly simplifies a very difficult process and makes it more repeatable and controllable,” he said.

Prodly CEO Dave Belove explains that Code Zero’s technical and business expertise and strong relationships with enterprise-level Salesforce customers make it an ideal match for Prodly. “Code Zero will introduce our data migration solution to sophisticated clients that absolutely need it,” he said. “This relationship provides tremendous leverage and exposure for us.”

The two teams were originally introduced to one another by Seamus Egan, Senior Partner Manager for Salesforce Quote-to-Cash.

Code Zero

Code Zero, now ATG Cognizant, is a cloud-focused consulting, IT systems development, and software integration provider. Founded by highly skilled executives, architects, and developers, their team has decades of experience. 

They’ve worked on everything from simple projects to the most complex, ambitious integrations in high technology, manufacturing, healthcare, media, telecommunications, and consulting.

A Silver Salesforce Partner, Code Zero helps clients quickly adapt to changing technology. It does this by focusing on elegant, efficient, and scalable solutions that maximize operational value and minimize long term costs.